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Name your favorite Maplestory Monster


Master Chronos

Cant believe the Avatar series is over


I didn't like the ending that much.. :/ It felt too "open" imo. But yeah it's a good start for a comic book sequel

Naruto Shippuden End Discussion 699-700 Spoilers


@Amuro I'd love to read it, I have the feeling that this ending was way to rushed. I mean TONS of things happened during those years and this chapter is "going" too fast for me o.o I'd

Naruto Shippuden End Discussion 699-700 Spoilers


[quote=xiCrunk]im not into 'shipping' but some of the pairings in chapter 700 are terrible[/quote] Like Choji and Karui o.o How do they even know each other?

Fearless Katara vs Fafnir Rapid Edge

Dual Blade

Shouldn't you scroll the one with the best clean atk?

Night Lord vs Phantom


Nightlord has always been my favourite class. <3 You should check out both Phantom and Nightlord and then pick the one you like the most.

Need opinions on best thief class to make


I'm playing my Night Lord since 2009, whatever class I try I'm always ending up returning to my Night Lord. You really should try to play one ;)


Damn the title made me so happy >.< Now we just have to wait a few more years...

highest level Pre Bb


103 on this char! :D

True Old Ms found


[quote=katywashere]Tell em to bring back assaulter and BoT![/quote] Ofc if they bring back avenger then assaulter and BoT will be back too :D Let's pray now :(

True Old Ms found


If they put avenger back in 5th job it would make NightLord so awesome <3

Fangblade is actually scholtex999


We need Tiger to get #1.

What is your favorite maplestory chair?


Ice Throne chair <3

What rank is fantastical android?


Rang neuf mon cher!

my game keeps freezing


If you realy cant log in maybe you should reDL the game :/

FangBlade, what will become of him?


Tiger was a big shared account :/ But yeah he deserved to be the first lvl 200.

So hows Ems lately


I still find it playable.

Night Lord

God damn you got me :~(

Can I play Ems


We've got the Striker Revamp But some skills seem to be bugged atm :/

Question about Ems


EMS just got Luminous this week.