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Crusader codex suggestions!


Negligible? Try useless. No one is gaining any advantage from 5 HP or 1 jump. Considering how many of them are that useless, you should just be able to use all of them, rather than just one. It still


[quote=ecarina]@cxter: I like yours too :D[/quote] Both are nothing compared to mine.

People of Windia


Most of them aren't even people.

why the servers invisible for?


Bad proxy.


[quote=looniemunki]I wonder if this guy thinks hes entertaining anyone?[/quote] He probably thinks he's annoying people. Especially since there's always someone that shows him he's right.

is 2nd week Sylph pendant give stones?


I didn't get anything either. Last time it got reset on Thursday, but there weren't any issues. If this thing starts tomorrow, then the quests shouldn't have been available today.


If I actually had one, I'd use it :p

Do you guys suffer from this too?


Yup. Even though almost no one ever talks about it, this is a constant problem. Sometimes I have to try changing channels five times for it to finally work. It's like this with all kinds of buttons i

Scheduled Characters/Slots?


This post is at least as intelligible as most of the clowns are here. Anyway, there's never much notice when they increase the amount of max character slots. I used to always keep at least one slot o

Kms 1.2.245 character balancing


I've been thinking for awhile that they should just turn Shade's Critical Insight into a constant set amount, rather than a boost based on enemy's HP. Although I was thinking 30%.

Fastest way to get max diligance


Now if only there was a fast way to get from level 10 alchemy to 11.

Additional Options Thoughts


[quote=xmaplelegend]Btw dont talk like a politician, cut out nonsense like, I understand <insert thing> but I would like you guys to voice your opinion, none of that bs politician talk. Talk lik

KMSt 1.2.019 September class rebalance


Can Dual Blades flash jump like everyone else yet? No? Okay...

Honestly not too game breaking


I just got my Pink Bean to level 200, too. I was wondering why every time I glanced at the chat there was a gachapon message rather than "Mini Bean expired".

getting mij Pb from 140 to 200


Having someone else do it.

Aran Character Card


It's just useless. It makes it sound like it always has a 70% chance to happen, but what it really means is that there's a 70% chance for it to have double the effect. It still only happens once per

When does fp box event and the shop end?


[quote=whoamomma1]Is it really that hard to open the event tab on the keyboard? The amount of useless threads u make is too damn high[/quote] You sure showed him with your useful post!

Kicked from Mr. Lees airline


This happened to me the other day on my Shade. All I did was go through a portal, and I got sent back out to the plane.

In maplestory news


They need to upgrade their omega spear to HD.

Pink Bean help required


I need help defeating Pink Bean too, if anyone wants to help me.

Completed Mission woohoo


I need help defeating Pink Bean if anyone wants to help me.

Thoughts on the Pink Bean Class


I hate cooldown skills, and Pink Bean is pretty much full of them, so I don't really like it.

Maplestory.exe - Application error


That's weird. I get this error at least a couple times a day (and even sometimes after I exit the game like dragonxpride), but for me it always says BlackCipher.aes in place of MapleStory.exe. It rea

Blakcipher Memory bug, solutions dont work


Yeah, nothing works. Every day I get disconnected multiple times with it. Sometimes it freezes up my whole computer and I need to kill the process. I'm surprised I don't see "BlackCipher.aes -

Why does maplestory crash every 10minutes?


I'm getting sick of the blackcipher.aes memory errors.

whats the best maplestory bgm?


Still this: [url=]Ellinia[/url]

Unofficial Dual Blade Mlc thread

Dual Blade

Glad to see the first two already on your list (and most people mentioning the first one), but still, for the love of all that is holy and good, update the flash jump so it's like literally everyone

Best place to hunt 999 monsters for ring quest


This drives me nuts about the game. You should be able to go to any set of enemies within your level bracket and get everything done. But you can never do that. There's Firepower boxes, attendance ev

Leafre Card Set


I haven't seen non-star force versions of some monsters like Miner Zombies, Cerebes, and the clocktower enemies.

Night Lord Vertical Jump

Night Lord

I think this is the only game I've ever played where the players want less options and inconvenience LOL

Dual blade fj and shad/nl


Dual Blades are basically stuck with the old flash jump. Everyone else has a new one that's much better. Add to that actual Dual Blades love to just pretend they're the best at everything, Nexon has

Whos gonna miss the old MapleStory website?


The website launcher is complete junk, so it's long overdue for a change.

I would like to thank


They're all too high level to spawn the bosses in the maps I find :(

Are there hacks in yut?


Yut itself is the hacks. When they had the Yut events in the main game I'd always play it, and almost every single game either I or the other person would get the exact combination of numbers needed

Cash Shop Specials 8/5 - 8/11


[quote=chrisjohnson]Yeah the daily cap is 30 coins (so 30 games). I'm kinda banking on that to farm the rest of my coins; hopefully it's not gone![/quote] It's still there. I've been trying to fi

Magnus Android is a Female


[quote=gabay7]I understand that your Magnus Android is a female version. I know how disappointing it is since I am a fellow gamer myself.[/quote] I'm laughing :D Does anyone know when Firepower co

All damage skins


No one has updated lists for anything in this game.

saving up for a hilla or magnus android?


I'm currently at 900 coins. I know the crystal chests stop dropping this week, but if everything else runs until the end of the month, I should have enough time.

Hell levels


It really depends on the character, but for the most part I can't really level up any of my characters from 165 because they're way too weak for the drill hall or whatever it is, and there's nothin

can someone help me kill normal zak? windia


I'll help you.

dog eaters


It is really weird when you think about it. There are probably people that would attack you if they knew you ate a dog, yet would happily share a cow with you. Life never promised to be logical at lea

Crusader Codex


[quote=jaredragonx9]What if you didn't have to chose an effect and they just stacked as you collected them. #on break #on the toilet[/quote] Considering how useless they are as standalones, it shoul

Enough time to get Hilla Android?


I was wondering the same exact thing. I decided too late that I wanted to try for it. I have just under 500 coins, but since the crystal chests expire next week, there's pretty much no way I can get

Question about pet skill from Beefys


I was Nexon'd by this skill. I assumed it was the "pick up items from other players" skill, since it was the last one left and that was the only other skill in the cash shop. The auto mov

Need help with Dragon Rider Pq


Yeah, we just did it today. If you end up needing someone, I'll always help :)

Leafre set bonus


I've been looking for a party for weeks in Windia.

Endurance Test so mean


The worst part is by far that BS Tiger/Dragon boss. The ground slam move kills you in one hit and reaches most of the map.

Tips for fighting the Gold Dragon students?


Wait until you finally manage to get to the real boss.

Bam Vs Evan

Battle Mage

My Battle Mage is a million times stronger than my Evan. My Battle Mage can easily clear Dimension Invasion, while my Evan struggles to even get to the phase before the final pillar, and always fails

Best Class to farm elites?


Demon Slayer seems to be a popular choice. I see so many of them on a bunch of maps that it looks like they're just flying around.