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Anyway to get good stars?

Cygnus Knight Night Walker

The primitive boars at ellin forest maps (not the pq) used to drop them quite frequently (Hwabis I mean) when I trained some of my chars there on 2013. Steelies droped for me at red kents and red drag

Do evans still need to learn Flame Wheel?


Yes, books to learn the skill no, but to increase their level above 10 yes. I got on a mystery mastery book opening spree and used those on my evan, saved me a few millions of mesos.

Is Gms dead?


People growing tired of the game, or just simply growing in age; has made the population less crowded when there are other things out there. Yes, current events have some good things in them, mostly t

Spell Trace issue, any fixes?


The side bar is picky in most inventory screens, I some times worke around it by keeping pressed the button.

Looking for You and I or Rising Heroes Training guide


Before the patch (I ve not tried it yet), just following quest lines, theme dungeons and what Tot training guide suggested, worked for me to reach a reasonably acceptable training speed. Else look at

What happened to Maplestory?


Well, given you seem to have a Kaiser, you are aware of all the "improvements" the game has gone through to make it easier, the bad side is that it took away also some sense of achievement f


They made that so people could get a more social approach to the commerci stuff; Nerfing the drop rate for SW stuff serves also the same purpose. I d like bosses to have a reward system alike that old

Match Card Sets


I ve had some picked from monsters below lvl 80, maybe even higher leveled ones, so I think it is still possible to make the set. If I remember well it needs like 100 cards per set. Good luck!

Maplestory i feel trapped


Man... There s a time in this game that any class you choose ends feeling not rewarding enough to keep going only with it... at least for a bit; I think that s one of the reasons to have so many class

where to get dimension fragments?


I ve seen some drops called "dimension something" from monsters at mirror world dungeon maps, they are like a black, blue and purple amorph thing. Are those the ones?

Wind Archer 3rd job advancement


At library get the book from top right. Once you have it you have to return to Ereve, use the royal recall or whatever is the name of the Ck begginer skill that teleports you to Ereve if you don t wan

Which bosses to kill daily?


@Xaiosun : A huge tree look alike boss. I ve not checked if it was moved, but it used to be in the Malasya area in the world tour, pass the Deku maps.


To TS: Well, not everyone is exposed to the same media and data in this world; and so far it seems you are getting some maybe not so nice feedback to your observation, but congratulations, it might en

Agent Cs Titanium Receiver


Wait... is that the earring or the hat? and were not they untradeable?

Tell me about quest items


The leaf earring (have not seen the quest available again), icarus capes (still can do quest), there was a cape for bowmen, manji s gladius (that also dropped from monsters), rageddy cape, chief stan

Why are you still playing?


Replying to question: It is some kind of thing to do that i just got used to do. I enjoy the casual talking with guildies, allies and buddies; helping them or getting their help sometimes to do someth

Pc Two handed swords


If you manage to get enough coins from event and you really think you are poor, maybe your best bet is to try getting a great GMA 2h sword self scrolled with 50%s.... 7 needed to get t0 140+ of 11 pos

Acb and final attack


I also had that happening... at least I was somewhere were mobs can t 2 hit kill me... even the delay was more than in the old times.

One handed or Two handed?


TS, are you looking for perfected gear or just an endgame weapon? If funding is not an issue getting whatever weapon lets you hit cap/closer-to-cap damage is what most people would suggest. In case fu

When do you use Coma?


I agree with FireBoy67, that s the best use for it as after lvl 170 most people is training at places where monsters are immune to stun. I magnet a pack of those things, RB twice, coma and rinse and r

Help Im on a dice board where quest doesnt exist


Click on the three points button/icon on the dice game board UI that is hovering your current spot, there s where the quests are managed, if you want to forfeit them, there s where you do it... at lea

How to Get lv100 Diligence


Ppl forgot to add having part time job mules can help too to make it cheaper.


Just go through the dedicated dungeon quests and you ll be getting out of 2nd job while doing something in the game (less quests at the lightbulb on left side of screen at least). Mush Kingdom, Kernin

How are you without Enrage?


I only see enrage usefull at bosses, besides of that it is intrepid slash (TBH I don t remember anymore if that is the right name) spamming, and if the mobs are big and hp plenty enough, I use a panic

Maplestory is an evil experiment pushed on us by Nexon


As I partially agree with you on how Maplestory might be conceived with psychologists, marketing experts and mass media comunication artists... What makes it different from most of other commercial pr

why did they make oda nobunaga into a bad guy?


There s allways at least two versions of a history in the middle of a conflict, and the winners are the ones that usually write it down for it to remain as a fact in history; but either side we are on

Who thinks Nexon should do this


I bought 2 character slot expansions back in the days when general inventories expansion coupons where only for 4 slots in any of them, buying a chance to have another char for a bit more and all the

Help with CHief Bandit Sp Dlt


The guide at the bandit forum has the build for 2nd and 3rd job post tempest at the end of it, search thoroughly when checking guides is healthy. Given so far 4th job seems to be MAX ALL suggested for

When you workout at the gym


Not unless those persons are in front of me or trying to make themselves noticeable... but in the end I don t put enough attention to check what brand is what they are wearing. I try to look at what I

Starcraft 2 worth it?


Overall it is a good and entertaining game; I had the 3 months version because I like playing campaign mostly (though it only plays terran and some protoss missions); in a few days the first expansion

Just squatted for the first time in 14 months


Congratulations on your recovery! It is great you can get back on training, but don t do it without asking for a therapist opinion first; there s no such a thing as embarrassing or pathetic weight if

Maplestory isnt fun anymore


Well, yeah, after lvl 140 comes that gap of levels where one still have some variety of options to go alone or in parties, but it is after lvl 170 when stronghold and LHC seem like the most ... and on

best class with inventory space?


Explorer warriors had that throne previous to Heroes and all other special groups and classes.

Better storage system


Well, with the current drop rates and such, I would really like to have at least 56 of each slot in my inventories for all chars, but the closer to that are cannoneers; definitely that "inventory

Luminous Help 3rd Augury


Do the ilji quests to the point where you reach and help the wounded man deep in the dungeon, with all those done, he ll give you a letter to take to manji in perion.

Nexon Cash in Mexico


There are indeed many players in Mexico that could benefit from Karma Koin Cards, too bad it is also true that many of us feel dissapointed of being discriminated by Nexon and some players. I know man

Did Bera just crash?


It is still down, as i can t get at any channel (12:00 A.M. SMT)

how much exp will i get from red leaf high


It gave most of my guildies and allies something around 20 to 28% (more if 2x and coupons for exp% events where active) so 32/4 = 8.

Go gais, farm before its too late


When I tried to do the quests, literally it was allmost impolssible due to bot hack users and never got back there again... don t think they ll be gone now if there are more chances for them to get th

Jonin Throwing Stars?


...Mmm, at least it might be easier now to get kagemusha and toad codex cards

Whats your favorite 1h sword?


Forgot the whips? I still have a MapleMas Lights somewhere and I still remember how much the neon whip was sought after when gacha was started. I ll guess it is easier to ask which sword we think look

Monster Magnet in PvP


[quote=aznstyles]@blampire what the heck are you talking about. Youre severely misinformed[/quote] Mistaken yes, sorry. My apologies and self-correction on stating that monster magnet was not part of

Monster Magnet in PvP


It was not a common thing since 4th job, it was introduced for heroes and DrKs on BigBang along with dark impale and brave slash, while pallies kept achiles and the guarding shield skill that was remo

Hackers Take the Decent Training Spots


Evan hacker not a problem? The future henesys market place and many of the maps adjacent to it have been plagued for long time, then it faded a bit, but now there seem to be even more, DS, Mihile, I/L

The idea of absolute legitimacy is laughable


It is a community based on a game, and it has rules that are supposed to be followed; in a game the rules support the fairness and balance of how players act to achieve goals, if you break those rules


Can we have the chance to open links in new tabs at our explorers please? I prefer that to having to go back to the main page everytime.

No disk in the disk driver error


...It might have something to do with the new security device, or the fact that we are not supposed to CC if we want to keep the exp bonus... anyway it shouldn t have anything to do with a disk drive

How to get enough str for cygnus eqs


[quote=Chicken4u]Do you mean rising sun sets? Potion works while equipping the other empress pieces? :/[/quote] Basil has listed a Rising Sun and a Blazing Sun set of jewelry. I don t know, am aware,

Brandish in 2nd Intrepid in 3rd Raging blow 4th


[quote=alex168]why do you want a warrior to have a ranged attack? that's defeating the purpose of a warrior even more than giving us mobility.[/quote] Well, I was still comparing how nexon likes to m

My views on the maple community has been completely changed


There are still some good people out there, just sometimes it is really hard to meet one. Oh, and I hope you donīt feel bad about your guild/alliance, it is sometimes hard to have a nice reply for peo