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Beginners or Islanders


Islanders are essentially obsolete, we can teleport to Maple Island now. Doesn't that defeat the purpose, but I suppose bringing items over without MTS is more convenient?

Premium surprise style box question


No problem, Maple Points can be purchased with NX Prepaid.

Beginners or any oddjobs


You novice scums are the worst. No damage and can only help yourselves. Completely useless! Get a real job! Jk.

Premium surprise style box question


Welcome back! The best way to convert NX cash into mesos is by purchasing Maple Points which can be sold for mesos through Meso Market located in Free Market Entrance with Miss Richfield. Your chance

although i subconsciously materialized this a lot earlier in


Dude, you're lv50.

its me the lonely guy who draws for fun u can request


do me

Maple stuck on executing

General Could it be that your computer won't accept the files?

what039s the most important thing in your life?


Usually presidents, or dictators, monarchs--leadership types? Sometimes famous celebrities. Definitely not the well-being of our society in general or my family and friends.

Why do I still play this game?


You still play this game because your character represents an ideal fantasy version of yourself, but even then you realize compared to other player's characters you aren't up to par so a com

Osu Any Tips?


Try using the Half mod to get used to the rhythm of your favorite song. Once you're a bit familiar predicting the circles start playing it at normal speed.

Dying, if not already dead, game. What would you do?


Instead of trying to fix what is broken, I would move on to developing a more innovated MapleStory! I'd call it MapleStory 2... nvm.

Favorite Ice Cream


Banana split.

P/C perm intergalactic set Scania


Take offers. They aren't common on the market yet not very appealing, but because of rarity some collectors or desperate players may pay well. Essentially, the price you want is what it's wo

When Forgiveness Doesn039t Work


Most families tend to seem divided, but possibly only because you have some expectations of what it means to be part of one. I am certain each one is busy trying to make a living and hopefully found s