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HELP please, Launcher Currently In-game


Open task manager and end all maplestory tasks. Then try renaming your game launcher to something else, then running it. What operating system are you using.

Platter Turret Glitched?


Yeah aparently, as far as i saw, the monster must be hit first in order for platter to do damage. at least thats what i saw in dojo. It seemed to do reduced damage.

Is Bm good to make unfunded?


No. BM are not good unfunded. You will be angry at the low damage.

Treasure Hunt Innocent Scrolls


Remember those innocent scrolls that were giving out during the treasure hunt event? They each had a chance to boom your item. However, the possibility of booming your item has been removed from the t

Minimum crit ring vs %stat


So the ring from the reistance ignition event gives + 5% min crit. Im wondering how good is that compared to a %stat ring. How much % stat do i need to out do that ring.

Wind Archer vs Bowmaster


WA can use emerald to lure gollux. It just really depends. With the same equips your BM would seem to do less damage, but the dps would equal around your WA. It comes down to NX and if your wiling to

Theres so many wasted areas in maplestory now


More importantly those area were filled with hundreds of maps. Rember Eos Tower before big bang when you had no mesos you had to walk 100 maps? Maybe some map merging would be nice, and also make them

Why is Tower of Oz dead?


Floor 2 is cancer. Some floors require gear to be done right. (yes i know, herp derp you dont need anything; trust me its better to not go the hard way.) Point grinding for More pill slots.


Bowmaster: Because 1m-1.1m on a xenon wasn't enough to solo hellux and cra.

Is it really worth it to do 15% spell traces vs 30%?

Night Lord

Also event has lucky day scrolls so that will help you out.

Next Upgrade?


[quote=Miauri]1. 2 Superior Gollux pendants, 1 Sup ring, 1 Sup earring 2. 25% boss neb 3. Cube charm[/quote] Yea this. Also some stat % rings. Dont forget link skills and charcter cards.

Darn Gms status


We demand more 2x compensation f5

Marvel error


Yep same here. Marvel be dead.

Are my stats good?


Hello im level 202 shade. I have around 270k range. I have 99% boss, 82% pdr. Ra set + tyrants. I still cant to sdh mobs. Why? I believe it to be knuckle damage multiplier

Xenon or Lumi?


Lumis get more damage agiasnt bossing, but they lack dps. You can also solo hardux with just standing in one spot and spaming reflection. Xenons will be harder to fund due to theif cra rising in pric

Unable to log in


For the past few days i have been unable to log in. The website launcher only returns the error code 1104. Sometimes it just says Mapestory could not connect... etc. Using the game launcher just disp

Mercedes Versus Phantoms


Mercedes reccently suffered a nerf to their mobbing abilities.

Hard Magnus Cleared, but the room is dangerous

Dual Blade

[quote=boredtodeath555]When Vellum's soul was split, I couldn't hit the immobile body.[/quote] For some reason, the hit box for the split soul is in the teeth. F7

There goes the servers


GG. I was in hardux, changing to big spider to open the chest... RIP :~( :~( :~(

Horrible Cubing Experiences


bought a red cube pack for hot time. Last cube gave me miracle time. No more nx or anything to get another cube.


@Mesmus: To be honest i tried to do sdh, and didn't have the damage. Or a skill capable of multiple mobs. Leeching was out of the question. Too slow. T_T So from level 180 - 200 i just bossed the xp


@Harbors: I have a level 200 shade. And ive killed Hard mangus. Im pretty sure I know what i am doing. @jonathansayshi: What ive tried to mean is that spirit ward does not prevent attacks. E.G The ra


[quote=jonathansayshi]Haven't tried myself, but it should be as long as you kill it while it's split, you'll get the extra exp. OT: Backstep is pretty much the answer for all your dodging. Fox Tro

Thinking about Xenon


[quote=epikkhighh]everything but snipe that is[/quote] Snipe is a really good attack. Xenons can afk train, which is good because sometimes I have to alt- tab to adjust my netflix.

shade or wind archer


Wind archer has the special 50% more pdr skill, but it has alot of buffs; making it hard to yolo solo hard mangus. Shades cant mob, so trying to sdh is out of the question even with alot of funding.

Anniversary help plez


[quote=SANbounty]Has to do with something that starts with a "F." I cannot say more.[/quote] I literally clicked everything that remotely hinted "F"

Growing Sylph Ring vs Cracked Gollux Ring

Demon Slayer

Its been well tested on what can top a glowing slyph ring. Only if you have a ring with 9% YOUR MAIN STAT, can it out preform. Source: gigantic south perry discussion thread.

Xenon Root Abyss Set


Yea. Since xenons can use pirate or theif, its up to you to choose. Pirate gear is always cheaper, but eventually theif gear will give more damge due to the % luk.

So I was dumb enough to perf a terminus. Now what?


Terminus is acually better, since its another speed booster, you really gain 33% dps. So it just depends on your damge do you really want another 30% boss to just do 3m more a line of damage OR 33% fa

Radiant Von Leon vs Clever Hilla


It depends if you have alot of % int vs % m att.

I take back all the hateful comments about Nexons servers


[quote=Darknicks]I've always wondered why so many Maplers are so obsessed with chairs? It's a serious question. I really don't understand why...[/quote] Why are team fortress 2 players obsessed wi

Dragon rider Pq


Yea you wasted 50 mill on getting a draco mount. GG

What made you start playing MapleStory?


I was eight years old when i began Mapling. An asian freind and some peeps were gathered around his laptop, and he was helping a guy start his maple life. From the world selection screen i thought he

Soul service broken?


Double clicking a soul only says, drag this item onto a weapon. How do i give service then? Was soul service not intended Anyone know when it will be fixed, or will my souls expire by then.

Inner Ability


Does attack speed factor into buffing times? If so then that can be good for bossing.

pdr neb or boss neb


20% boss is equivelant to 10% more att. ( IMHO ) There is a Too much pdr limit. ( source: 87% pdr)

Any point in using my account now?


You could have been drunk, or a freind trolled you. A real idea was that a GM went onto your account and did somthing. Yes, GMs do go on to charcters to investigate certain tickets. Perhaps sending

Talk Talk Tower of Oz


[quote=betaboi101]Classes that more than likely can't kill dorothy: Mihile Evan Marksman (limited by their cap) Bucc Hero Lumi I/l bishop beast tamer battlemage Aran *GMS Lumi Dark knight (don't kn

Farming Cosmos Knock out with a Xenon


Hey guys if you didnt know this. Nexon forgot to disable Combat Switch: Fission. In short it allows you to do a super high jump, allowing you to grab many nut coins as long as you have maxed % jump.

Buccaneer boss solos


Ive seen a buccaneer solo hellux. so i supose its possible. However the real down side is that buccs have alot of buffs. And the fact that their attack % is lower than shades. However we do get 100% c

Cra Solo Range?

Angelic Buster

[quote=atanate]is it even possible with 2m range to solo chaos vellum or hard magnus?[/quote] You can solo hard mangus with 1m range and decent dps. Vellum requires 84% pdr+ ( not counting pdr pots a

Should I use protection?


Mainly scrolls for somthing hat do have a boom chance, you want protecton. E.g prime scrolls.

New Boss set medal and ring


I have gotten the badge as a drop from mangus. (Any dificulty).

Bucc or DrK?


Drk has more damage than a lously bucc. Belive me. No matter how much you fund a bucc, a drk will out damage it. (Source: level 203 buccanner)

Cygnus not dropping loot?


Are you sure you guys are killing the Version 2 instructors, or version one.

Beast Tamer Discussion


Beast Tamers have pre update night walker damage. :~( Nuff said


1.Someone carries you 2.Duping 3.Hacking 4. Making your own coins


i used 2 red cubes to go from epic to unique.

Att % Vs Pdr


You should stop maxing pdr if its at least 80% [b] without leafre set[/b] imho. (emp codex set) Unless your aiming to cveulum.

how to best use star force?


[quote=streetfights]so what do u mean by tome? if my item boom. do I get 10 star back and extra 130 atk and legendary pot? just by getting fafnir axe? how about potential will it reset?[/quote] Lite