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Is Mihile Link Skill even worth it?


It really helps when training mules with 0% stance like mages, although to be honest once you get to arcane river its not that necessary for your main. At least for me, I don't miss it at all.

% Damage, %ATK or % Critical Rage ?


@gekkegerrit: Nobody has 0% damage/boss damage, unless you are a brand new account and in that case your stats are too low for it to matter. All you need to know is %att>%boss>>>%damage (i

Enhancing stuff to 15 or even 20 Star


Of course they do, if you stopped asking so many obvious questions that already have answers on google then you too could be one of them.

Buying a CPB Mark


They're perma untradable, so need to fnd an anvilled one

Bye bye MP3


rip best bgm

1-hit KO Skill Ark


@gekkegerrit: Look more closely then

1-hit KO Skill Ark


Get him to like 50% hp, bind him and nuke. only has 2 billion hp

future update

Dark Knight For certain two-handed weapons, the weapons' positions have been changed so that they no longer cover ch

Attack Range ?

Night Lord

If you're in broa/khaini; all of cra, hard magnus, and hell gollux.

Rebirth Flame Help


Check the top left of the equipment icon. There should be either a white dot, or a transparent dot (only outline). The former means that the equipment was generated after the bonus stats patch and thu

Who Still Has An Ultimate Adventurer?


Whats good my fellow UA's

Scrolling gear for xenon


Chaos scroll of goodness, or just bite the bullet and use 30% traces. The star force will give sufficient stats.

Rings ? Still wondering


25 star update makes rings under lv 130 undesirable for endgame. The chaos ring is still fantastic for midgame, if you can afford the coins for it.

Gollux Confusion 1HKO?


When his eyes turn orange, Gollux uses the reverse controls attack. This does what it says and it does 99.9% (?) max hp damage after 5 seconds. If you are standing at the edge of the platform (either

Will 25Star flames make Absolab overall good?


CRA also gets 25, or more realistically 22 stars. Its too much to ignore the double potential, star force and scrolling possible then to go for absolab overall.

Eternal Flame of Rebirth

General Basically grants 4 lines of high ranking bonus stats to equips that are tagged as "Boss rewards" ak

Price Check Theoretical


10 stars doesn't add anything to the price since anyone can do it with less than 30m usually. scrolling/potential/bonus potential does though.

Chaos ring or Sysnergie ring


Chaos ring is much better, you can cube it 10 times a week for 6 months. If you're in reboot, roll it until you get +5 att/matt and a decent +stat depending on class. In non reboot, do it until i

Benefits of reboot world


1. Yes 2. Higher exp per kill, but mobs have more hp and popular training maps usually have low burning so its not exactly multiplied. 3. No, due to the high hp, and monster exp/damage reductions bein

RIP Nebulites


Twas a small price to pay, flames are much more accessible and even provide a way for beginner players to make meso by selling lucky flame drops.

Where to train in Haven/Vanishing Journey?

Demon Avenger

Below the cave for nodestones, one of the hidden 80 arcane maps would probably be good if you can kill them fast enough.

Nobody mentioned this about Chaos Zakum


I think it does that if you kill all the arms while still on the first stage.

Interruptions during cutscenes


Headphones mah nyukka

So I am thinking of getting this laptop


That GPU isn't very good unfortunately. There are sub $1000USD quad core i5/i7 Dell laptops with Geforce 1050/1050ti in them which are far more powerful, although they do have a larger form facto

Runes don039t work for me help


Memory/DLL corruption, open command prompt and type shutdown /s /t 0 This will perform a full shutdown which should fix the problem

Normal Pink Bean boss - Solomon 11


Shadower has built in avoid, while buccaneer doesn't. Just repot when you get hit or use somersault kick, it has iframes that can avoid non %hp damage like 1/1.

Best katara?

Dual Blade

One star before transposing is usually done so that the most possible weapon att is gained upon enhancing the sweet water, as the att gained is based on the current weapon att (eg 150>199 watt= 4 a

Second Season Override Coin Shop


@gekkegerrit: In reboot, yes. In regular servers, not really because it can't be star forced and untradable.

Chaos Pink Bean Bugged?


Chaos pink bean respawns 13 or 14 times before you can actually kill it

Is this Fafnir Staff worth 8b?


Nah, its much cheaper to just scroll it yourself during spell trace fever time. Stock up on cheap traces in the auction house and fm for scrolling/slating. During fever time, try to get at least 4 pas

Types of Curses


You can even block the un-cleansable ones like hard mode Hilla's cage (most useful imo), chaos queen fire DOT, and the stun from falling rocks in Vellum's cave if you use Hero's will/ i

Claiming Dojo Gloves?


The rankings are counted/reset Sunday 4PM PST / 7 PM EST. From then, you have 7 days to collect the gloves/points

What039s the relationship between lumi and black mage?


From that library questline, it showed that the Black Mage was originally the White Mage, but eventually became corrupted and cast off his inner light, which became Luminous. Kind of an inverse Kami/P

Do these scrolls still drop?


I got the spikes scrolls a few years ago from Yetis when walking from elnath to dead mine. The scroll for shoes for spikes makes your traction insane, which takes time to get used to and might not be

Quest bugged? Black Heaven Act 2


Try using the other Ctrl button.


Yes, my favorite pokemon to use is actually from gen 5: darmanitan. Nobody knows how much damage this thing is capable of, and most popular pokemon are really predictable anyways.

How much Mainstat do you have?


11.7k clean dex 918 att from equips, no skills or potential or character cards I guess. 45% att 245% dex from potential, 255 with xenon? 309% boss 83% ignore def in stat window 6 or 6.5


Over time, you don't even notice it because farming twice and then killing hard gollux becomes instinct. 18-28 coins each day adds up. I had over 200 scrolls at one point, and my stuff was alread

Arrow Blaster nerfed on rebalancing

Bow Master

It's a nerf for phantoms, bowmasters get a passive that increases the damage in 4th job.



Woohoo [i]Magnificent Soul Event[/i] So much use space to free

Bowman arrow platter problems?


Try restarting your computer, maplestory sometimes fudges up and a full shutdown is needed to fix it (ie cutscenes broken, skills not working properly)

Your Motivation to Play Maple?


I've already spent too much time on my character to stop playing, its a curse.

Xenon Stat Priority Question


From what I know, you go 330 str dex and luk for the Multilateral boost, and then the rest goes into whatever stat you have the highest % potential in. I believe the specific boosts (power stance, sta

Do you wash your hands after you fee?


After working in one, I try to be as clean as possible in public bathrooms. So yes.

What are your hopes for Maple Anniv. 11?


I hope the half honor exp event gets released soon.

Tyrant RA or SW w/ nova eqs


It's not worth selling the nova belt, when someone can buy a superior gollux belt for less then 200m with 35 att and 60 all stat. You can easily find pre enhanced tyrant capes in the fm or you can enh

Marksman Nerf?


Bolt surplus now makes snipe hit 3 times so the damage is the same, but with a cap of 750m per attack instead of 500.

Make up a skill of skill set for your Aran


Maha partner Its like shadow partner, but with the spirit maha. But for real, I'd like to see them play more like thunder breakers where the skills link together properly, make the combo system more

What have you achieved on your Demon Avenger today?

Demon Avenger

I finished 15% scrolling a terminus vanquisher, and finally beat dojo hilla with it at level 180.

Guess Amount Spent on Outfit Above


9 999 999 999