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What is a good team-building game for a class of high school


look into some environmental education games

state of the onion


uni i went to is protesting and there are processing spaces to grieve the results (i cant even) back in my hometown sf, also protesting and have seen it a few times as i work close to downtown. for so

Did you let yourselves go


since i've been seeing this one guy (for about 10 months now) we've gained a little love weight and i started to hit the gym. wasn't too worried bc going to the gym basically made me st



im looking for my long lost hubby

Kimi no Na wa Your Name Thoughts?


i watched it with my boo. basically whenever we watch romantic stuff we get fired up "i didnt sit through almost 2 hours of this just to watch them pass each other by!"

how do u guys like ur water bottles


32oz purple hydroflask bc im a baller

Alcohol is not enjoyable for me?


yeah i dont enjoy drinking much either. i would drink like a shot or a glass/bottle of beer and be kinda asian glowy and dont want to move much but then when i go to sleep i wake up in the middle of t

How do you like to dress?


knee length dress, tights and boots if it's cold i wear a sweater on top of the dress or skirt i like to buy from f21 mostly but also h&m and hollister kinda

What do you usually talk about yourself


muh anxiety what i did over the weekend esp if my guy came over (deets vary from person to person ;) ), piercings, food, F I R E E M B L E M

Jump Shotgun combo


you cannot macro it or at least i havent tried. something that kinda helped was using my directional buttons to help me stay in place bc i only use bobbing OR weaving, not both

Do you style your hair when you are staying at home?


i put them in pigtails so they dont fly everywhere

Are chat/label rings really worth that much?


label rings tend to be more expensive. maybe you saw chat rings? i typically see the chat rings for ~400 but i also dont really look for them so

Blaster039s skill - Bunker Bunker Buster Explosion


it means you need to build up your dynamo gauge by using magnum punch (1st job), double blast (2nd job), or revolving punch (4th job and has a cooldown) with revolving cannon right after here's m

I think im superior to you



when did u get ur driver039s licence


i am 23 and i do not have my driver's license and i live a block away from the dmv i was gonna when i was 16 and i did the writing test but couldn't bring myself to go to the driving instruc

Thoughts on Blaster


i like it and considering some funding put into it because it is fun but i don't think i'm doing it right. i don't use bobbing/weaving a lot simply because i don't know where to pu


maybe if the feet weren't lil pegs and they made some decent looking shoes for the character design i'll consider wearing em

I finally found pants that fit me


that's how i felt with my bras two weeks back and went to VS to get myself fitted + they had a sale and it was perf. it was pretty bad considering my normal (not sport) bras had my nips peek out

What to do if work overpaid me


maybe let your manager know again. for all you know they'll forget again but at least you let them know

Those of you that had braces


@tyrantblade: i'm actually going to take it off in a month give or take! i have a few stubborn teeth left to move and then i move on to retainers. really i only got power bands to close off gaps

Those of you that had braces


still on braces don't need em that's probably why i don't mind braces at all

anybody have foot problems?


i sprained my left ankle by sitting on it for too long, standing up and falling on it. didn't even feel it until the next day but it's never been the same. even if i stretch my foot now ther

Trouble deciding a major. What039s yours?


clinical nutrition. i really wanted to work in a hospital but not as an RN or going through med school. i got a chance to my jr year of high school and requested nutrition and got it and loved it. nut

What is your insecurity?


my smile. i have braces now and i've been told i have a cute smile but i always cover my mouth with my hand or not smile with my teeth out of habit cus of bad teeth in the past and my mom hates w

Is Pokemon GO worth playing?


i like it! i work in sf now and moved back to the bay recently so there are lots of pokestops and when it first came out i went on pokemon go dates with my guy :) i mean either way we would have gone

Making friends on Maplestory is hard


can u even get guild invites? i thought it was only through guild requests now but rly dont know much about the game anymore i am guilty of the sitting in groups thing and not talking. mostly cus im

Favorite hairs and faces


female hair: time world alice, ribbon top, glam shiny hair, sylth hair, cutesy twin tail female face: piercing gaze, dreamy face, bling bling face, yuna face, moonbeam face, sparkling face

Lending people moneymost annoying thing ever- need help


use splitwise, so that y'all don't need to bicker cus one of you wrote it down and broke down the payments and he'd know exactly what he was paying back. saves the arguments. also, if h

Unliking something


@helpingly: has the reporting system changed? since before you either had to pick a reason or just type it out if possible, it would be cool if B could implement something where you can unlike someth

How old is a guy to old to date


im 23 and im willing to go up to 30 max rn and minimum 23-24. i did meet a guy who was 30. real sweet but i realized i was in no position to go further than friendship with him, which he took very w

Anime Conventions


i went to sacanime earlier this year with my roomie. didn't cosplay but on the last day i wore my totoro kigurumi and my roomie was haku from spirited away i loved the artist alley. easily spent

Did maplestory recently clear out quotinactivequot accounts?


if it makes you feel any better, nexon themselves wouldn't be deleting accounts that have been inactive for 6 months. even for the ign deletion it was very fair, as it would have affected account

hi guise pls vote for my cosplay


odang gurl get em

Is it common for women


i don't think it's usually common but i gave it up on a first date before a lil embarrassing but i don't regret it either. i guess at the time it was the right mood i wasn't even t

help i walked into my roommate naked


why so shy if yall gonna be roomies for like a year at least just get urself comfy

How do you pronounce Magatia


ma-gay-sha tbh ive never looked at the spelling closely and i would spell it wrong

From humble beginnings?


well today i was reminded that about three years ago i was involved or semi-involved in endless unnecessary dramas and was probably an insufferable b cus to this day they hold a grudge over it. i thin

Can you live by yourself with a job paying minimum wage?


@steph: yeah sf rent is crazy. i just moved back into the bay area and even daly city is easily 700+ for a shared bueno. luckily i'm living with my sister on heavily discounted rent unt

games i can waste a lot of time on


pokemon go outside



never shoplifted but on tumblr there are ppl who love doing it and will post their "haul" it's an actual community too pret disgusting

What are you wearing for decoration


puppy ears vintage glasses dollish pink kenesis uniform (f) black cat plush trans gloves/cape/shoes ink and wash rings ah yes my past as a massive nx hoarder

Petition for nexon to fix server lag


whoever tora frowns is ily

Today I realized I was addicted to sex


i used to completely hate it until this guy my lord literally only did it 3 times between 2 partners and he smashed that record in a weekend

Do you smoke marijuana?


recently tried some earlier this summer. the first time i felt really relaxed and ate a ton of cornbread (chili night w/ friendo) and we just sat there on the sofa second time was this weekend and had

you guys said taking my min wage job seriously is a joke


tbh im working a min wage job and i graduated from a uni. i take it very seriously even tho im prob not gonna stay ive seen ppl work their way up from my position. it can happen.

Drawing requests


if you have time i hope you get to me

New laptop with Win10 and maple


@ak44: so true. i have a $269 laptop and a pre-built computer. left alone, my laptop does fine while maple stops responding and crashes on my desktop

Which throwing stars do you use?

Night Lord

furies bc i used to make quite a few back in da day since i have pet skill it's not too wasteful during training but i dont train im just a hoarder

Life After Maplestory?


my housemate is an alumni in tri delta. anyways in the process of selling all my gear i started spending more time out with friends but that was due to us actually getting serious about hanging out an

Where do you guys work?


i'm working at chipotle for the time being and i'm 23 i like it cus the people are nice and i'm working with one of my closest friends. it's a nice environment to be around but als