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I hope basil stays alive for me to hit 5k club


Man you got me by 116 days :P .. I forgot my first accounts login during 2005 and then had to remake it to this account haha! Good Luck ~happy mapleing!

Is anyone else on Maplestory 2


MS2 was fun but it isn't that great at all. The grinding isn't fun as it was in MS1 for sure. RNG is a killer in this game. MS1 we had RNG for drops and we had set % for most scrolling in ge

Who is still here?


@weeb: @repentant: Its always fun to see others here still!

Who is still here?


Many of us are here just lingering through Basil, always trying to find older Screenshots since those are the best ones to review and remember the real fun times haha!

how old are we now?


Account says 4xxx days now. Been a very long time. 28 of age now and only getting older. Def miss the old days where we would come here to price check and sell items in Perion channel 1.. those days w

What is your go to conversation starter?


Have you seen Ali-A new video with his awesome intro's? Just say Hi, someone will reply.. honestly! People too shy now a days and nervous for no reason.

Any old windians still active?


Still Active on Basil just reading random pages, but from Windia back from 06. Good Luck on finding active friends from a time like ours. Maplestory had greatly died down and community friendliness, e

Looking for old items


Good luck on your hunt! :)

Looking for Guild in MS2 Korea


Hey everyone, I am looking for a active guild to be part of and enjoy with others! Currently just roaming around myself no luck in finding NA players at all. I am active 4-7 days of the week for a few

Feedback for upgrading Basil?


After reading through all the thought-out comments by the many players over the century of mapling, I agree with them that the Auctioning was the main function that made BasilMarket back in 2005. As t

pls look over my resume


Your resume looks good Overall: You can always change your heading about your reliability and so on for example: "Reliable individual with background in customer service and sales and applied ex

Awesome IGN for a hero


blackwolf UltimateWarrior

What would you do if you had $1,000,000?


Finish school get my BS Degree. then use that money to start my business and go on from there ;].