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natty2's Videos

How to train your Beast Tamer
This bishop mule tries dojo lol
Coconut head is ded
We can kill Hard Lotus
Hard Mode Lotus is fun
Bishop POV VS Lucid (my first time)
MapleStory Mashup (V Update EDM) - DJ Searcher
HolyGiraffe Bishop dojo 8:55 (GMS v.177)
Bishop VS Chaos Queen (v.177)
HolyGiraffe, Bishop VS Chaos Vellum
Secret Stories
Simple H
Arcane River Lacheln (City of Illusions)
Superman ft. DelusionDash
HolyGiraffe, Bishop Bossing Compilation
5Th job! V update!
Bishop Dojo 10:53 time. [HolyGiraffe]
Heroes of Maple: Reborn Trailer
Bishop with M.ATK +19 Staff vs Hard Magnus
Heroes of Maple Announcement Trailer
HolyGiraffe, Bishop VS Zakum
Bishop VS Dojo (Post Reboot)
HolyGiraffe and friends VS Lotus
First Broa+khaini Ursus Kill
Christmas Special: Bishop VS Chaos Vellum
(v.169) Old Dojo VS New Dojo
Bishop VS Magnus Barrier Challenge
Leveling up to 220
Holygiraffe, broa's bishop vs magnus
Holygiraffe bishop, equip vid
Holygiraffe, broa's bishop vs chaos queen
Holygiraffe, broa's bishop vs empress cygnus
Holygiraffe, broa's bishop damage display
Rising heroes: tower of oz trailer
Holygiraffe - bishop in boss arena
Holygiraffe, the fire/poison mage!
Holygiraffe - bishop soloing pink bean
Holygiraffe, bishop vs the ultimate challenge
Holygiraffe 100 subs q&a, and 10k nx giveaway winner!
Holygiraffe and digitalium - a little update vid
equip video + q&a
Holygiraffe - level 210 - won't stop testing my power
It used to be a challange
Holygiraffe, broa bishop vs arkarium
Naruto ending 28 - contains spoilers
Holygiraffe, broa's bishop, post red level up to 207
Holygiraffe, broa's bishop training in red
Holygiraffe, broa's bishop equip video
Sengoku red leaf high power training
Let's play dodgeball