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Evan039s Dad


You can either try and escape off the island by fixing one if the many broken vehicles scattered around, or just wait out an hour and you will be teleported off when the clock runs out.

Anyone else having to redownload the game right now?


The servers are undergoing an unscheduled maintenance following the discovery of a game-breaking issue shortly after the servers went live. There will be a notice made on MS's official website wh

Hacker Hotspots


Temple of Time is also a frequent destination for bots.

MMORPG that still has a solid Holy Trinity?


In which case, two MMOs immediately pop into mind: World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. Both hold true to having a tank, a healer, and a few DPS classes during group dungeons/raids.

MMORPG that still has a solid Holy Trinity?


What do you mean by "A Holy Trinity"?

Quality of Life Improvements and Suggestions


Ever since our community survey was released, discussions have been brought up on several fan websites taking suggestions on changes the Maple community would like to see. Here are a few ideas brough

An Illegal Program Found in Root Abyss


The problem has been noted in the official Bug Reporting section. Here's a link to the report:

Interview with outgoing CM KthxBaiNao


What made you want to apply for a job at NexonNA? What are some ways your life has benefited by working as a GM ? In what areas do you see Maplestory needs the most help with? What can we as a communi