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What does it mean when a girl texts you this?


I think you came on a little too strongly


I like Fruity Pebbles

How to delete nexon account?


Account Cancellation sounds like a good idea

Do u guys run MS Smoothly?


There's always a lag spike for me between switching maps/using skills on my laptop

Old player need help


I would keep old maple items for nostalgia and start a new class entirely.. But you can go look around the FM and write down all the prices you see others selling at.

Phantom DPM Calculator


Nice job on this!

Does Maplestory work on windows 10 now?


It worked the last time I checked

Damage Skin Random Box Removed from CS


Well those are some nice looking damage skins

Whats039s Your Range?


Very very low

If this happened to any other class


Yikes 10-14 days? Wow what if people had 2x running? I hope you get compensated somehow

character creation glitch


I would submit a ticket to Nexon or post on their forums about it.. It sounds like one of those issues they would overlook if not constantly brought up.

Tell me reasons to quit maplestory and play other games


Maplestory is pretty old/unpopular and already lost most of its players. It might be gone entirely over the next 10 years so it's best to invest your time in something else or even another game.

30 Day Hired Shop Merchants No Longer in Cash Shop


They're gone? I liked them since you didn't have to leave your computer on all day and night..

Need abilities


I think OP wanted to meet up in game for those skills

Best Inner?


Maybe attack speed then

Which one to fund


Not sure which of the three are best dmg-wise anymore, but personally I had the most fun as Night Lord

Accidentally left 4th Job Adv. Room


It doesn't let you enter that room again? Maybe you can try remotely accepting the quest on Aria's picture..?

What does your key setup look like?

Bow Master

The majority of my skills are left-hand side while my potions/buffs are right-hand, it's kind of similar to yours

What are your thought on these look?


I think bottom right fits the most for that look

Which of the 3 look the best?


1st then 2nd then 3rd to me

Bannedstory is so useless


I liked it over nothing, but yeah it could be a lot better

Describe the person above with 3 words


How many PPQs

Kabaneri Piano Cover


I'm so jelly, that was amazing


I liked Sound! Euphonium and Nodame Cantabile quite a bit

Nexon is launching Reboot 2


I thought it was/would be crowded? Wouldn't it be better that you don't run into crowded training maps though?

The moment we have all been waiting for


That's pretty neat

its that time


I can't think of anything funny/please draw others, but your style is so pretty!

Rate The Person's Look Above You!


@sploggles: ! Is that shirt the annoying dog? 10/10 for matching colors and theme

Pokemon Go


I haven't been able to catch much Pokemon besides the first starter Pokemon. It seems rarer Pokemon appear in cities and more frequently.

Draw the above person in MSPaint


[url=]for[/url] @Tectonically @Juni AHH how adorable! I'm saving this thank you! <3

I need your guys help Pokemon Black Version 2


I would replace Herdier pronto

I will draw you for


drawww meee :D <3<3

Premium Cash Shop Surprise Pink Bean pet


[quote=Hariia]Buddy, you have no idea. I'd trade my account for a Skunk. They're the apple of my Maplestory eye.[/quote] Ahhh they were selling those during the July 4th Sales! :[.. along w/ porcupin

Cant Log into Scania


You can log on now.

Orbis Pq how do you get the orb part of the statue?


there are no guides for opq after bb.. so i was wondering what do we do? go into the dark room?

Help me find a nostalgiac Maple video!


Some of my favourites Engarde 2006 lol.. idk Dray's maple Makeover

What's your all time Favorite NPC?


Hana in El Nath :) She has no arms..

Your level, job and damage range?


Level : 38 Damage : 1s Job : Cleric duh *ShadyFaint will be so disapointed at the direction this thread took :(

Gallos are ridiculous


And the Emmy of the Longest flame war contributor goes to.. Sarahx001! Congratulations on such an achievement!

So I'm going to play Harvest Moon ^^


I have Sunshine Islands for the ds, I keep killing my crops and I hardly have time during the day to do anything because hours are minutes :(

South Park vs Family Guy


South Park freaking owns except I loved that novel bit from family guy. ..actually I like the scenes where stewie is being an ass to brian

Do you have a Maple family?


Sounds fun to have

Why do I/L's hate on F/P


I love I/L but I also like fire magicians and clerics

What food to sell


bbq is the way to go

Who remembers THIS?


I would click too fast and skip the perfect */*/4/4.. and so I had to wait another 30 minutes once :(.. I don't miss it.

Jersey & Bin Laden.


Wat's a muff cabbage?

Return the slab


WHAT's Your offer? on another note, it's doc gerbil's worrldd, it's doc gerbil's worlld And I don't even remember this episode o.o

What's your favorite food?


pasta with marinara pasta with alfredo pasta with pesto galbi jimmy john's

How Do I Have Conversations With Girls


[quote=SinOfDusk]Say Something Like U Got Cool shoes or cute shoes and then u just leave and they might try to start the convo[/quote] .....that only works on tv shows and not real life

was there a rolback after s/c