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Character for burning character


Beginner. I just started mine and I love it. Mostly because I have all the snowboards and old maple items like frozen tuna and red whip.

LoL Gameplay Update Juggernaut


[quote=buster1651] Garen does true damage which seems pretty dam strong. He's gonna be more of an assassin then a tank [/quote] But it is only against 1 target, and if a different champion gets a k

Night Lord or Night Walker


Night walker because their only mobbing skill looks like avenger from the good ole dayz

End game cane?


If you are going to 15% spel trace it, it will probably cost A LOT less if you wait for a spell trace time. I think 15% turns into 25 or 30%

Can you quit?


I quit, but then I get bored of other games and I log in for like 1 hour, then I quit again. Every year I come back and play for like 3 weeks then quit again.

Downloading maple


It takes me from 10-14 hours to download it.


@Impurecx: Oh, I thought you were playing a non beginner class. My bad


It doesn't take that long to get from 30-46, and then tots from 46-50 takes like 1 min.

Solo C. Zakum


I first soloed Czak on my NW at about 90k range and it took me 20ish minutes.


@GrillGtyu: But the genetics have no way of getting passed down because gays cannot reproduce with each other. So your argument is invalid.


[quote=GrillGtyu]Well, 99% of species are dead, so we can't study the instances of homosexual relations in them or how it has shaped us or what it has made through the course of earth's history. And

Da link skill is lv.2 at lvl 150 or 120?

Demon Avenger

All link skills are Level 1: Level 70 Level 2: Level 120 Level 3: Level 210

Next Step to Increasing Range


Focusing on link skills might help quite a bit. You would be surprised how much extra damage you get from completing the link (even if its only level 1)

heres the 2nd update weve all been waiting for


I like how somehow 10 PM eastern +2 hours = 11 PM eastern.

Crimson Arcglaive still good?


[quote=bchua15]it seems i'm really outdated :p i'm kind of unfunded though so how would i go about obtaining the best weapon i can get while spending hardly any mesos. appreciate all the answers![/

Lets say theres another extension for the maintenance


Why don't they just add 2-3 hours onto the first time, and then if they get done early every one will be happy.

So when we get that update, do we get char expenasions?


Okay all I really want is the ability to move characters around on the character selection page. Rito plz

Whats your godliest cubed item?


10% lux earrings. I am poor.

Old Animations Back

Night Lord

But night lords still don't get avenger back. Shame on Nexon.

How many mesos have you had all together


about 15 bil?

Non funded maplers tell quotprosquot


@dabronxenigma: I would probably be towards the more unfunded. Only put in a few bill for my main. I don't play maple as a main game though. #leagueoflegends

7bil after, i am done

Dual Blade

At least you have 10% luk for now, could be something like 100 avoidabiliy... or +50 HP

What class to make for last character slot?


Battle mages will be getting a revamp sometime in the next few months. They are also really fun to play because they attack pretty fast, and give good party buffs (blue, yellow, and black aura)

Good Bye 21% Int pendant


[quote=QueenLorde]At least you got 4 basil likes on this thread. Do it for the likes.[/quote] Do it for the basil!

Do you guys think maplestory will die once maplestory 2 hits


[quote=FwuffehStarz]Doubt it, why would anyone think just the maple community will be the only one playing MS2? Pretty sure the game advertised on a lot of places already so people from all over will

Anyone else lose their hot week 2x drop coupons logging off?


I lost them also, but my EXP coupons are still here.

Maplestory has died


[quote=tobi98]everything changed when big bang attacked[/quote] Then everything was strewn into CHAOS, where everything then turned RED, as if it was actually the fire nation attacking.

Non funded maplers tell quotprosquot


We care why?

Biggest woopsies youve made in game?


I got hacked and they took everthing but my super snowboard, so I quit and sent the super snowboard through the mail deliverer to a friend that had quit :(... wish I had it back now. probably would ha


Night walker 80k 750kx4, 375kx4 3B? 7/10

How do I look female?


The cape looks like hair a bit.

Instant Maplestory Nostalgia


I loved this game back in like 2007, when everything wasn't about hitting cap on bosses. When there were hundreds of people at HHG1, and a dragon knight would come over and ks everyone with the skill


mabe if when u beg for mesarz if u lyke spel ryght, thn ppl giv u mesarz mor oftan.

Looking for monsters in my level range


are skelegons still in the low 150's?

AFK-ing in MapleStory


I just pick a spot where I wont die and press x for chair and leave my computer, doesn't matter where.

Maple shop reward points


if I do some bosses and I have maple reward points to be claimed and then I go play mini games on star planet, why do I lose the reward points from the bosses? I never claimed them but they aren't th

Triple Pet Prices


I got the three perm demon pets for 30k plus their little cute accessory pets. So I got the pet of a pet :) +9 attack

all 3 taos


You need 2 of all badge and 2 of the heart thing from the crimson guardians I belive. You have a chance of getting any of the three, so you might need more than just 6 badges. But to get this you need

How to get 100% critical?


I don't know if the event is still going on but when I made my NW, after I got to level 100 or 130 I got an explorers pivotal ring. That gave 15% crit change.


I would never want Maplestory to get a new tier of potential... We already have enough damage.

No point in wearing this Pendant of the Spirit


Since it takes off like 5k range from me its not worth it.

199 30% trying for level 200 Christmas medalthese DCs


[quote=MedFat]Jesus... You're asking for an extension on a holiday event that comes once a year. If they were to extend it, it would make this event less special. Stop being so arrogant and take what

Server crash to enforce maplers to spend time with family


no, i want my damage skin!

Is returning worth it?


Its still fun I you like the game. However, don't expect to be good without lots of money.

Let the lag begin


I feel like MS is being DDOS again.

Explorers, Resistance except Da, Ds, or Xenon should have Ls


if they get link skill we need to increase cap on link skills from 12 to like 18

Do old pets have the pickup skills?


It will. I put meso magnet and item pickup on my demon pets before this change and now they have it automatically, so I wasted a few thousand NX... Owell. Permapets OP

What are your macros set up to ?


I usually have my buffs/macros on Q/W My attacking skills on A and space.

Kanna Survivability?


I didn't have any trouble with survivability during level 10-138, but idk about how it gets during DIPQ or bossing. they are very needed though and if you have funds you could get HP from equips and

What was the weirdest experience that you ever had on Maple?


I met this random girl in like 2007 and I instantly asked her to marry me ( I was in 4th grade) and she said yes, but then I got hacked before the wedding and her parents banned her from playing the g