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The Buffest Class


wind archers should have 11 buffs, including the mihile link skill (wind archers really need that)

Switching to Bowmaster, Dragon Rider PQ?


Hey guys, I want to switch from a Wind Archer to a Bowmaster, because I feel like Wind Archer's dpm is pretty eh compared to bow masters (tell me if i am incorrect though). Do you guys think it i

Buying/Spell Tracing 30% CRA Set


So if I want to innocence my CRA set (hat, bottom, and top) how much meso would it take to 30% spell trace them perfectly?(with 2x hammered slot on all of them). And how much would it be to just buy t

Obligatory what class to play thread


wind archer is the most fun of the three in my opinion, but you might find one of the other two more fun.

Kms Vs GMS


they will come in a future patch, not this one.

Can't play the game..


its on maintenance right now.




@charles0012: He is "SmartBored" on youtube. He also have the IGN "SmartBored" on his dual blade, his main.

Windia: LF> blue shiner or other cool bow to anvil!

Bow Master

well. I have a chicken that can be anvil'd to a bow (my character picture.)

Mercedes or Bowmaster


Im thinking about switching from my Wind Archer to another archer class, but im stuck between the 2 classes. Both have their pros and cons. Bowmaster 1. Insanely high HPS 2. Very hard to fund

NX for Kaisers


I cant be super sure, but i think raging lotus aura covers your tails, since it covers most of ur back. They are coming back in the black friday boxes, so prices will drop :D