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Kaiser Critical Chance or Attack Speed


getting to 100% crit rate is the most important for every class in this game. aim for crit rate on your IA. p.s. if you somehow roll atk speed first, keep it and farm honor. you can still get up to 20

Is gifting a thing in Reboot?


yes you can still gift someone who is banned.

Worth Changing classes?


getting max star tyrants and as many %atk lines possible is critical for cannoneer, stats don't matter as much

Let039s talk about where this game is heading


Raise the level cap once more. Have a cap on exp that can be attained per day. Introduce more ACTUAL raid bosses like damian/lotus with different tiers of difficulty/quality gearso that group pve pro

Recubing emblems for non-adventurers


@arayuks: it happened already... 1 patch after the hero one but we'll probably get them all in 1 big patch in NA

post results


@wall: neither. can get about 25 dimos so i can listen to 'Tove Lo - Stay High' and relate.

What are some blue 1H weapons?


Just anvil to novice cane. Vintage look best look

Cannoneer Attack Speed potential as fast as Rune of Swiftnes


Swiftness is -3 and bypasses soft cap. The buffs you stated add up to -7

Will Trump become really elected?


Dont fret. The electoral college is going to go heavily in the favor of democratic party. The Trump show is just that, a show and nothing more. Hopefully this will be the first and last season as I'd

Dawn Warrior cross sticks line?

Cygnus Knight Dawn Warrior

Shadowers would be really OP if there was no cap on lines.

was this girl hitting on me


She thinks youre a dirty skunk with no etiquette

reboot chaos vellum


@zcrimsyn: technically if you got really lucky like powerballwinner status, its possible legitimately too.

Basil Skype Chat Group


ill join

Rapid Fire Or Hurricane


Every champ EXCEPT kalista should go rapid fire. Kalista is the only one that should go hurricane

Taking kaiser video requests


@simfel: play with me in reboot babe

Scrolls for Shield Weap Atk?


Priming is always better anyway. Never watched transformers? Optimus wins...

Reboot World Advice


Go wild hunter duh. Reboot is the only server where dpm charts matter and wh remains #1 for at least 2 more months

Is there anyone who actually does Princess No anymore?


@joblessjim: like 1.5+ years and counting

Is there anyone who actually does Princess No anymore?


@nitsua2789: i spammed their bug section many times regarding this bug and its been ignored 5.5k times so i gave up. Literally made a post like every week...

Messed up prime scrolling brach


U can still prime it... just use all your bad luck on getting rejected by tons of girls then the prime scrolls will be good luck

What do you guys do when youre heartbroken?


Molly always makes me happy.

State of reboot server? botters wise? grinding times?


@wall: pay to look FAAABULOUS qurl

Can we be nostalgic itt and remember the golden age of MS


where ClericZoe at?

what is the best inner pot


+1attk speed lowers the delay rate of everything. i personally would keep it but all you brosk.

Gollux eyes stage

Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

Slow and steady wins the race. Focus more on making sure the allahakbar mobs are DEAD. Then attack gollux a few times before going down again to kill more terrorists. I suggest going down, be strong.

Game is down, what are you guys up to?


@aceforte: oh yes you will. Maintenance gonna get extended x2

Charm and Pocket Items


Fastest way is to charge nx and spam hair/face coupons.

Xenon's inner ability


Its all personal preference. I would advise against rerolling +1speed if u have a trove of mpe greens though. You can still roll for buff duration on your 2nd/3rd lines by honorlocking!

I always see cannoneer being recommended and asked all the t


I think cannoneers would be in a good spot if it werent for mpe pots that let other classes excel to the "hard cap" tbh

Attack speed question


Cannoneer is the only class that has 100% use for all atk speed boosts. Other classes reach the soft cap so they dont NEED +1 atkspeed IA unless theyre using green mpe to essentially activate the IA.

when is the next maintenance?


@jackimus: are you racist? MLK day is in less than 2 weeks!!!!


Stray from that artifical stuff and go for the natural ghost peppers gurl

how do you dance at a club


Do whatever you feel

Opinions on Cannoneer Post-Reboot?


Still a necessity to have +1atkspeed IA and dsi

Reboot: Major bosses and end game equips


Already got some lucky hot timers with absolab/fafnirs :)


@wall: ill treat you to shake shack buddy <3


i got it first try on both reboot and scania HEHEHE

Double Miracle & Cash Shop Specials


Perfect, was gonna buy a car but miracle time !!!

Selling 3 IGNS In Grazed


Who wants those badddd igns gurLLL come back when u got ign Rain kk

resistance finaly getting emblems


what about beast tamers :(

Why does mouthwash taste better than alcoholic drinks?


So you drank mouth wash... Alot of things in life are an acquired taste. The first couple times seem blech because its new but after that, you learn to appreciate it or realize your initial gut ins

Maplestory In Game Names are Cool!


I trade u ign Rain

Gifting Level?


Everytime i try to gift in reboot server, it says unable to gift :( So much for being a honorary golden snail member

So my dad just got robbed at gun point


You never have a right to kill anyone... Dont be a derp. Your dad did the right thing. The 2 thugs had little to nothing to lose compared to your dad. Thats the mentality that you should have.

Are Reboot bosses much harder?


@osouseless: some bosses wont be soloable. No bonus potentials and nebs

[reboot] NL really squishy, change to shadower?


@exor: we ALWAYS got 100%stance lolz, this patch just made it less transparent

Angelic Buster Chaos Vellum Solo

Angelic Buster

Where is ashley attack?

do u have a girlfriend?


Nope,married for life

Why do people want you to go first


Unless you got a better ign than me, youre going first. ;)


I spent about 200k nx on royal eyes until i realized that i misread the sale... There IS NO BRIGHT EYES FOR MALE