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P/C Lightseeker Bow


Just got one from Marvel, server is MYBCKN

Reboot equip help


What are the best equips you can get in reboot for being level 150 and wanting to start bossing so I can get the boss drop set bonuses. Thanks for your help!

How MS will look like after 5th job hits


Especially with the no damage cap thing. Glad I decided to quit.

P/C NX items


Hey guys, recently thanks to marvel, I got two NX items that aren't on the market, so i don't have a price to base them around, if anyone could give me a rough idea of how much a 'White Nurse Uniform(female) and a 'Sheep Label ring

best class


guys what is the most balanced class i just came back idk which class should i pick :/

Broa Khaini Tyrant Cape Giveaway


It's been a while. Giving away again. This time I'm giving *Epic capes*. Warrior - I have 2 Epics Magician - I have 3 Epics, and 1 Rare Bowman - I have 1 Epic, and 1 Rare Thief - I have 1 Epic, and 1 Rare Pirate - I have 2 Epics, and 1 Rare (to

Permanent Pendant Slot


OMG. Use Item: . Equipped: . ~Curtsey~

Superman ft. DelusionDash

General It takes weeks until it's up on Basil's video... so here's the link.

Guild Slytherin


Harry Potter fans join my guild Slytherin in Reboot! I just started it and I need some members to join. You don't have to be a Harry Potter fan or be at a certain level. I just want active players and that's it! Add and msg me in game, Ign: Lett

Any good Samaritans?


Looking for CRA Carry in Reboot. :)

Bowman Forum

Tyrant charon legend pot


bought a wutevs tyrant charon cape for 800m and decided to cube it for fun and got legendary pot out of it :D deciding whether to sell it cuz im actually really poor and upgrade other equips...and get another tyrant cape lol or should I keep cubing and ho

Mercedes upgrading


So I will slowly upgrade gear on mercedes, any order I should do it in? Also I plan to icog my cra (not weapon) Also what do you guys recommend for hyper stat distribution

Marksman 5th Job Advancement Tutorial Skill Discussion


5th Job skills from Guided Arrow: Summon spirit arrows that track and attack nearby enemies. [max level: 50] Level 1: Consumes 250 MP. For 20 seconds, create a spirit arrow near you. While fighting, the arrow will attack 1 nearby enemy

New to WH, have some questions

Wild Hunter

I'm new to using Wild Hunters but I really enjoy mine on Reboot! I have a couple of questions though. And keep in mind this is reboot. I don't know if that changes anything or not. 1) Should I be ON my Jaguar when bossing, or let my Jaguar go o

Hyper stats

Wind Archer

Where do i put them in? Damage Boss damage or crit rate?

Range to solo chaos zak?


My mercedes has 64k~75k clean range with 116% boss damage and 67% ignore defence.

Having trouble training


I recently started mercedes however i keep dying to mobs, how should i train without dying? Im lv 142 btw

Bowmaster 5th job

Bow Master Explanation on how the V Matrix System works: Bowmaster's Character Card has been changed to a +DEX increase (same as Angelic Buster's

How do you use Spirit Nimble Flight?


I have no idea how to get this skill to work. I bound it to a key and tried mashing it (with and without an arrow key) while mid-air (Spikes, Leap Tornado, Moonsault, just plain jumping) and I can't get it to work :(

How does Spikes Royale work?


Say I got 67% ignore defence. Spikes Royale drops 30% of enemy defence, Hyper skill than further strengthens it to 50% drop. Does this mean that by using spikes royale, it drops the enemy's defence to 50% then my ignore defence will basically pierce

Mage Forum

The Evan Achievement Thread


[header] Evan updates are coming! [/header] [b]Zeff (Rioun of Bera)[/b], welcomes you to the Evan Achievement Thread! This thread has become a gathering place for Evans of all worlds/servers and I'm very happy about that. Standing strong at [b]a lot of

Can039t do 3rd Job Advancement BW

Blaze Wizard

I clicked on the BlazeWizard 3rd job advancement quest and it send me somewhere .............. and then I forfeit the quest (i dont know why i did it..) and i lost it. I tired relogging and going back to ereve but i couldn't get the quest back? What

Thoughts on Pray


TL;DR at the bottom, I know you don't wanna read all of it. According to Orange Mushroom: Pray: Through prayer, create a sacred blessing area. While using Pray, you cannot receive the effects of another Bishop's Pray. [max level: 50] Level 1:

Best Emblem

Beast Tamer

After the last patch many classes including Heroes and Cygnus got new emblems, I'm wondering if there is anything better than Boss Arena emblems for us Beast Tamers after this patch?

Can039t Customize Evan in Character Creation??


I tried to create an evan with tanned skin color and dark skin color, however he always came out as pale, no matter what I do I can't change his design. Does anybody have this problem or know how to fix it? Thanks!

What did you achieve on your Fire Poison Mage today?

Fire / Poison Arch Mage

What have you been up to on your f/p mages today, chaps? Reveal all unto me!

Karma Orb covering peoples faces


Alright, i am tired of my karma orb blocking peoples faces! BUT! This new hero event is giving out free anvils! I was wondering if there is another items that can be anviled over the orb, or am i just forever stuck with blocking peoples faces with my ball

Beast Tamer Scania?

Beast Tamer

Does anyone at Scania have a Beast Tamer character? Please I badly need one. Need to get to stump town. Thanks in advance!

Bishop 5th job preview


The trailer just showcased one the most anti-climatic skill ever for such a hyped video lmao. I speculate a damage reflect skill (339 damage LOL) or something like the inferno aura from the FP branch coupled with some added buffed inside. Also they are g

What is the orb supposed to be?


like is it sentient? is it Lumi's grandpa's spirit? I don't recall it being mentioned once in the storyline it's just kind of there, floating awkwardly....

Pirate Forum

KMST Buccaneer 5th job short video

Buccaneer Transform is back, but it looks the same. This looks really lazy because I was hoping they updated the look. Spirit bomb is eh, and teleport skill is just copying kaiser's.

Most overlooked character card for shade


Mercedes is incredibly useful. Bind as a cooldown of 210s. With the 5% CD reduction, that winds it down to about 199sec. Splitter also gets a 10sec reduction on its cooldown. Very useful since splitter is where most of our DPS comes from

Spirit Incarnation bug?


So I've been using the 170 hyper and after the initial line of damage it puts out it just drops off and stops actually hitting mobs. Anyone else experiencing this?

What did you achieve on your Brawler, Marauder, Bucc today?


I thought there should be one for this Class :D So what did you achieve on Brawler, Marauder, or Buccaneer today? Well as for me I reached Level 120 at Spirit Viking. I also job advanced to Buccaneer. So Now its your turn :D

Corsair 5th job skill

Corsair :o



What was the point of making it have longer delay? Oh and one less buffing process.. woo! Still miss having only 2 buffs though.

Bummed about 5th job?


Is anyone else bummed out about the cannoneer's 5th job skill? It looked cool in concept, like if it were to be our new "bazooka" skill. But instead, it's just a slow casting, slow moving dps skill that needs to be constantly recasted.

Mechanic 5th job


Multiple Option: M-FL: Summon an attack robot that uses a gatling gun and missiles. When attacking enemies using Damage Reflect, you will not take damage. [max level: 50] Level 1: Consumes 750 MP. For 31 seconds, summon an attacking robot that use

Shade gets his powers from the fox spirit right?


Basically the little fox girl gave him her spirit which is where all of his skills come from, so does that mean pretty much any mapler/person in the maplestory world could bully a fox villager and get to control spirits like Shade? (I know it's a st

Eunwol 5th job

Shade I guess extra dps is always a plus.

Thief Forum

Assaulter is returning THE HYPE IS REAL

Shadower With 5th job released, Nexon has finally listened to our prayers. Assaulter is making a return. What kind of a return? Hopefully an updated version that functions like the old version (when

Normal/hard Magnus guide?


Hey guys, my dual blade is at 480k range, but I'm having a bit of trouble with normal Magnus. I usually die because he slows me with that spiderweb move of his, and I get hit by a meteor. I saw this video the other day (I'll leave the link below

DB 5th Job new skill

Dual Blade Did you guys see that attack speed? Hoe. Lee. Eff.

That Spread Throw Though

Night Lord

Gonna be really awesome! *___*

Inferno Aura bug?


Within a few seconds of activation, Inferno Aura goes on cooldown. This has mainly happens during bossing. Works fine when training.

Required range for cvellum?

Cygnus Knight Night Walker

Back after two years, working my way up and i want a goal What rangs is required for chaos vellum and hard magnus? As nw If you can share how much luk to get to that range, or show eq, better!

Bored - New Resistance Thief Concept?


So, I was just thinking about how cool it would be to have a sort of puppeteer class in Maplestory. It would be able to control 1 or more mobs (depending on what job you have achieved) and force them to use skills unique to the type of monster. In additio

xenon range question


I was just wondering, is 43.7k - 54k good for a level 148 xenon in reboot? if not could anyone tell me a few ways to boost it? Thanks in advance.

laser beam 5th job skills


Just take a look at this madness! from OrangeMushroom blog Mega Smasher: Collect energy to fire a powerful beam. [max level: 50] Level 1: Consumes 1000 MP. Deals 405% damage 6 times on up to 15 enemies for up to 5 seconds, during which you are invincibl

Osfa suitReboot


Yo guys For nostalgic purposes I am thoroughly looking for a full red osfa outfit for my DB, but I can't seem to get my hands on it. Does anyone know what monsters or pq or w/e has the highest chance for dropping the parts?

Warrior Forum

What have you accomplished on your hero today?


So, what have you accomplished on your hero today. Ill star off 1. I made a new shield landed 1 70 tried chaosing got w.def then 30%'d now its 5att 4slots 3lined 3% str ^_^ 2. Screwed around with my mesos and got some new equips :D

Is Finisher- Storm of Fear Glitched?


Whenever I'm in adrenaline rush and do the command for Finisher - Storm of Fear, my aran slashes through some mobs and then nothing happens. I've tried holding all of the keys down, holding just the attack key after the command, and pretty much

Amaterasu Set

Demon Slayer

I have a lvl 155 DS with a Pensalir set. I don't do boss runs much and I can't solo end game bosses. I was wondering if the Amaterasu set would be something decent to replace Pensalir, so is it worth it? Feel free to add some advice, I've

Demons Slayer039s 5th Job

Demon Slayer

So about DS' 5th job skill "Demon Awakening: Experience the true power of a Demon.", any speculations on what it's gonna be? DS already has Blue Blood so would it be a transformation?

Inner Ability


Just wondering what I'm supposed to be aiming for in terms of stats? I'm a 1hander Paladin so I don't know if that makes a difference

Final Form does Less Damage


If you use the arrow keys + ctrl to do your attacks you deal like 25% more damage, problem is you can't do gigas wave up left/right and ctrl in final form. Unless you guys know of a way :o

We let the achivement thread die. Whoops

Dark Knight

What a fun ride it has been, but man, was that sudden. I never expected to log on one day and see it locked. My only regret is that I never got that 1k post. Though, I did get the very last one, so that counts for something I guess. I'm going to l

5th job video


After some research, i found a video showing our 5th job skills :D

That moment when


... You're on round 30 of dojo, and Arkarium uses weapon cancel/damage reflect just as you enter Adrenaline Mode... ( ._.)

What have you achieve on your Hayato today?


[header]Hyper Skills released[/header] Hayato now have Hyper Skills. Share with us your experience with your new Hyper Skills. [header]Introduction[/header] Welcome to [b]"What have you achieved on your Hayato today?"[/b] thread. This achieveme

Chat Forum

Are you happy with your body?


That ban ad thread made me think of this thread. Are you happy with the way your body currently is? What do you like about it, dislike? Would you make changes if you could? If so, how? When I was younger I cared about looking good for others. Hs mindse

Something awkward happened at work today


So I was closing today. Overnight stockers came in and I was putting a cart into a freezer. I asked if there's any space in there. She said yes. Then she said "it's a wide drive". I didn't hear what she said so I just nodded. Sh

Is this happening to anyone else


So i went to go make an explorer and i picked the skin "tanned" and made a name for my char and all that. But then it changed to "light" right when i got back to the character select screen. Is this happening to you guys too?

What song are you listening to?


The old thread got locked for some reason. Keep it nice and simple. I've been feeling really nostalgic, so I am currently listening to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody and Nirvana's Lithium. Old Thread:

hey babes hows it go?


hey babes hows it go?

Omg todya was amazing


I left to monterey park to go walk around the park for a few hours cus it was hot in cali, and when i was leaving a HOT ASIAN GUY was walking shirtless and i oogled him while he walked past, then i left the park and saw him again on the corner of the stre

Anyone live in a rural setting?


Does anyone live in rural montana/idaho or something similar? Or if you're in California but you live 3 hours away from society, I would love to hear from you. I might have to move to a rural setting for 10 months for work and I want to know what it&

Homosexuality in Religion


Do you agree or disagree that homosexuality has a place within religion? Some religions out there believe that one who is homosexual will end up in hell, others believe that they should be executed to further prevent them from sinning. Religion as is well

proof thresh top isnt stupid

Chat i just carried my feeding team to victory it felt so good when they apologized to me, during the lobby pick they all were trying to force me and voli supp to switch but no i stuck thru and WON and showed them thresh top isnt s

Where is basil going/go to college


Finally returned to Maple after devoting more time in school and graduating HS. I'm excited to restart Maple, have it suck out all my time, and eventually fail out of college! :))))) I'm basically retarded but I somehow got into Emory, UCLA, US

Entertainment Forum

Games like GTA with realistic police?


I only found that Driver Parallel Lines has these "features" where police will chase you if :- 1) You run a red light 2) You drive in the wrong lane 3) You overspeed 4) You do stunts like lifting your handbreak and accelerating at the same time

Vgm Thread


Not sure what category this goes under. i just chose nintendo because it seems the most popular on here other than anime & manga Post videogame music. Please one song per post so it doesnt get crowded. :) Rules: 1. one song per post 2. use this form

I039ll draw you beauts


Post here for a drawing. I am rusty and need a lot of practice. Yer.

Espurr039s Moe Art Cafe Requests


Welcome to the Moe Art Cafe. I'll be doing 10 orders, drawn in a 'moe' style. For references of my art, my tumblr is 'meltychan'. RULES: - One request per person. - First come, first serve. - Nothing too overcomplicated. (They

Draw the above person in MSPaint


[header]Introduction: Welcome to (And thank you to those who contributed to making this) what is now the largest thread of the Art section! I made this thread to keep some beggars away from this section, as they have been clogging it up with spam threads

Nisekoi 223


He did it. Mangaka finally finish developing the Shu X Ruri ship. I don't even need to read the rest of they manga. This is a good enough ending for me.

recommend some games for me to buy during steam sale


since steam sale starts in a couple hours, recommend some games for me to buy. here's what i already have:

So whats your opinion on the new Zelda?


Personally can't wait! One feature I do hope they implement in would have to be random world events! I will be passing on the Wii U version though. NX all the way for me. Whats your opinion?

M A P L E lt3


We did it :)

Summer 2016

Anime yuno the drill ##Watching Shokugeki no Soma S2 Kono Bijutsu-bu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! D. Grayman Hollow Rewrite Ange Vierge ##Predictions **AOTS** Shokugeki no Soma S2 **Hidden Gem** Kono Bijutsu-bu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!

Whenever I'm feeling depressed or angry, this song calms me down.
Sucks that I play Payday 2 solo even though its better with people. Too bad randoms can make or brea
I love chicken nuggets so much my favourite basketball team is the Denver Nuggets
Helpingly's helpful tip of the day: If you're gonna marvel, you have to be willing to s
During this Marvel time i should quit, since i cant afford anything... I lost already this battle
everything hurts rn
perks of my parents house backing on to a park include rly loud firework when there don't need
Got my PQ dmg skin finally :>
Almost the first time I ever had coffee. I only had a bitter sip before back in high school, but thi
my god it's raining pretty hard
Medall for sell 1000 object in one session online
The biggest threat to America is Radial Islandic Turtlism.
Using pizza as buns for hamburger is yum! :)
This day in history "Gone with the Wind" published in 1936. Happy National Handshake Da
Well today my kniev went to become sharpened and became also rainbow colored like a razer chroma eff
kaneki ty nexon for the cat eyes, i'm cute now c:
Today's post has been brought to you by the letters [b]A[/b] and [b]S[/b], and the numbers [b]1
Went out and got my eyes checked AND got the batteries in my wrist watch changed. that I w
When is NX transfer back?
[Windia] Looking for 30+ Raccoon Mask. %Str Pref, but others are kinda welcome too. lmk #Buying

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