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P/C on these old items please

Merch I have another account which i haven't recovered yet, but it had Pink Adventurer cape, Maplemas Lights, Pumpkin Spear, Turkey hat etc. What are these worth?

From humble beginnings?


Hey guys back again and I want to know how you guys got to where you are? Well I'm not exactly rich yet but im getting there. I first started with just grinding to lvl 100 and then I decided to make mules and found out about elite boss hunting. I did

Sweet Summer Shorts


If I use sweet summer shorts with a christmas padded jacket, is it the same as using underpants?

Windia P/C


I'd like the prices on the following items please: - Oyamatsumi's Armor - Raven Horn Metal Fist - Adamantium Heart (Permanent) - Shiny Red Thief Symbol - Magnus's Rage - Dark Premium Symbol - Battle Flying Chair Mount Coupon - Bouncing Car

Tyrant pricesWindia pref


Windia Prices Preferred, How much are (Thief) Tyrant Lycaon Boots and belt (clean) And I'll just assume the gloves are max :P



PLAYERS OF ALL WORLDS TAKE CAUTION: There is currently a scam involved in Scania, where a scammer would create a character with similar IGN as some of the reputable players in-game. This can be simply done by exchanging L's and I's in some of t

Looking for guild bera


Me and a friend are looking for a active fun positive guild in bera. Please friend request me keepflexing.

15% tracing worth it?


I know in the long run 15% spell tracing would be worth it but would 30% spell tracing good enough for now? Or should I just go for 15% spell tracing because I'm not hurting on meso. I have about 20b to spend.

So what is the consensus now for Phantom vs Bishop mule?


So what is the consensus now for Phantom vs Bishop mule in 2016? I've read many articles on this topic, but none from recent/relevant time. So which class is now the better mule, given the following conditions? - I can only pick one mule of either



this game is too hard i dont know how to walk -_-

Bowman Forum

should i just reroll my IA?


right now my 2nd line for my IA is 16% crit which makes my crit rate 91% should i just use miracle circs and reroll for a better primary line, or should i farm up honor exp to lock my crit rate and hope for the best on the first line?

P/C Wind Chaser

Bow Master

Windia P/c on a perf fafnir wind chaser?

Range for CRA?

Wild Hunter

Just wondering how much PDR and range I'd need to be able to solo CRA. I know I'm a long ways off, but.. atm 300-350k range and 100% crit rate. Have 86% boss and 68% pdr.

IA for wild hunter

Wild Hunter

rn i have 33% buff duration as my main line IA, but i was wondering what IA i should be aiming for late game?

Do we need stance?


I was wondering if marksmen need to get power stance, because I'm hesitant to level a mihile due to the fact that I don't have any character slots left, if so what do we need it for? Because if its major component to end game bossing, I might j

5th job bowmaster problem?

Bow Master

Am I the only one who thinks bm's will be severely outclassed for 5th job? Our 5th job skills are one of the shorter end of the straw and the main problem lies with hurricane. Split hurricane is like what? 235% damage? Even with max enhancements on h

question for the quests

Wild Hunter

My wild hunter is currently lvl 91. I just now saw a quest thats called "A Gift for the Test Subject 2", I already did the first one so yeah. I already did the quests when Vita exploded since she was a bomb and now I cant find her in the 'T

Price check on 15-18% Dex Items


Just trying to get some prices on some items I'm looking to buy from a quitting archer. All items are clean and %Dex. Superior Gollux Pendant 15% Earring 15% Belt 18% Ring 15% Tyrant Charon Gloves 15% Cape 18% Shoes 15% Fanir Top 9% Botto

Funding needed to reach 1m range?


Hoping someone could give me some insight on how much it might've taken them to hit around 1m range as far as mesos and best places to spend (equipment) to get the most range. P.S. Also info like how much %stat you have would be awesome.

5th Job Questions?


Does mercs get the shadow partner proc on their hurricane? I thought I heard from somewhere that they do and it is a 45% chance or something.

Mage Forum

Kishin Shoukan Revived?


Important Message - Kishin Shoukan Dear Maplers, We would like to provide you with an update regarding the Kanna skill Kishin Shoukan. As we mentioned on August 11th, we understand your concerns regarding the difference between how Kishin Shoukan funct

Blaze Wizard Inner Ability

Blaze Wizard

title says all. Edit: im unable to see the poll that i made?? +1 atk speed, crit, boss, or bd

Pace for C.Vel


Granted I'm still learning how to properly dodge, my best run in C.Vel has been Deep Breath phase with about 8m remaining (Lost last life here cause I had no idea what that attack was =/). Does that seem like it might be on pace to be able to solo? I

Discuss Evan039s Fifth Job Skill, Elemental Blast


I'll start: Apart from having a breathtaking animation, the stats: Evan's Elemental Blast: A timeline through the ages: KMST 1.2.035 5th job & Road to Vanishing FIRST DRAFT Level 50: Consumes 1000 MP. Use 4 consecutive magic spells that de

your thoughts on bishop


for some reason im rlly feeling a bishop around now i know they're not an amazing class but are they good and are they good supporters as well thnxs for your time

The Evan Achievement Thread


[header] Evan updates are coming! [/header] [b]Zeff (Rioun of Bera)[/b], welcomes you to the Evan Achievement Thread! This thread has become a gathering place for Evans of all worlds/servers and I'm very happy about that. Standing strong at [b]a lot of

how to telecast effectively?

Battle Mage

im going to start a battle mage and i was wondering how u guys telecast and use finishing blow? do you guys spam the two skills and hope for the best or do you guys have some method that you use?

Beast Tamers

Beast Tamer

Hey All, im coming back from a long long break been years since ive played. i was wondering how beast tamers are doing as of now for bossing and stuff like that i will most likely be playing on reboot if that makes a difference Thanks

Transposing to a 500 m.att Sweetwater Fan


I made a video how I transposed my Aye-No-Uzume Fan to a sweet 497 m.att Sweetwater Fan (11*), when I got little more mesos in future I make it 12* to go above the magical barrier of 500 m.att for my Fan on Haku!

Can anyone make a quick video / gif for level 200 mount?


I'm sort of curious on how it moves. Stationary, running around, and lying down. I don't think there's a swimming animation for it since level 50 one doesn't have it as well. If it doesn't looks that good I might keep my level 50

Pirate Forum

Two arcane guns

Corsair Why are there 2 arcane guns? One with 200atk and the other with 216atk

Nebs recommended for Shade?


so i was just wondering what nebs are best for shade, i know boss% is a good one to have but what else? thanks :D

Re-entering Maple Bucc


Just started to play maple again (with intentions to level up)... haven't really taken this game seriously since Big Bang. Need help with a few things! Q1: What are the most affordable equips that are decent? So far I have 3/4 equips from the Root A

Last update?


Have jetts received any updates since the days on invulgar being #1? (2.5 years)

Shade or bucc


bossing and funding etc..

My thoughts on Corsair039s 5th Job Skill


Hey, I am a KMS player that have mained a Bucc, a Cannoneer, and now I am maining a Corsair. Although the trainsition from Cannoneer to Corsair was difficult (Due to the primary stats being different + Cores) I really wanted to give Corsair a shot. Here

Maneuverability Bosses for TB

Thunder Breaker

What recommendation when comes to dodging attacks @ bosses (like Gollux, Magnus, CRA/NRA bosses like Vellum, CQ, Pierre, Von Bon, Von Leon and so on) by default is more effective @ bosses for TB's either Tidal Crash or Flash Thank you for your reply

Worth to make Reboot Sair?


Hey guys, so I know that corsairs are pretty much dead because of their lack of mobbing, squishiness, bossing, and overall effectiveness. Also %dex pirate gear is quite hard to find in normal worlds and there is practically no resale value, so I'd ha

Cannoneer 5th job BHG Cannonball demo


So, it got buffed by reducing the travel speed and allowing buckshot to work w it. Let me know what you guys think about it!

Dark Critical Adventurer Ring worth for AB?

Angelic Buster

I'm lacking in crit and was thinking of farming some coins for one. Not sure if it's worth it. Would I be replacing it in the future? Maybe the crit rate sylph ring from the next event would be a better choice? I am currently at 60% crit with l

Thief Forum

Reboot Dual Blade Question

Dual Blade

What katara would be used to tranpose to a SW katara and at what starforce count? +1 Attack Speed or 50% Buff Duration?

shadower vs Dual Blade


Which 5th job skill in your opinion is better? Aesthetic? Bossing? Mobbing? Im curious to know your guys' opinion :D

Price check on Sweetwater katara

Dual Blade

Could someone give me a price check on Sweetwater Katara 89 attack clean (3 attack over average) and no potential in Windia. Thank you.

Question on Assassinate Skill

Shadower I have a question regarding the skill assassinate. At max Level, assassinate does 635% damage on the initial cast, and 710% on the final cast The description says: Damage increases by 154% in dark sight Damage increases by 150%

New Night Lord

Night Lord

Hi, I'm Sunnie and I made a dexless sin in reboot. Now I'm an edge lord of the night who is currently harvesting materials to make some throwing stars. I don't talk to a lot of people, like none, but I make up for it with my productive gath

possible to reach 2m-2m


can anyone reach 2m-2m without tyrant set? Night lord Dual blade shadower

Minimum Damage vs Bosses


Hey guys, I'm thinking of switching from my shadower to a phantom. I think I miss being fast (used to main merc). Just wondering if anyone has some range & damage estimates to do certain bosses? (hellux, cra) Thanks!



Is there ANYTHING i can do w/ a Fafnir Mana Taker on a xenon in Reboot or is it pretty much worthless?

3 Line Mille Aiguilles


Has anyone seen what this looks like? I can't find it :(

Looking for 5th NL bossing vids

Night Lord

I seen DBs and Shads, but i was wondering is anyone saw NL's bossing videos. Their Spread Throw looks pretty awesome for training I wanna it in action for bossing though. Anyone have any links?

Warrior Forum

Kaiser inner ability


I have +1 attack speed right now but I have 69% crit, what would you guys recommend, crit or attack speed?

Hayato Bug


Has there been chatter about fixing Hayato hyper skill(God of Blades) being overwritten by Iron Skin skill?

Buff freezers charges/blast buff


Do buff freezers retain your charges/blast buff? I had to used a few and they don't seem to retain these 2 buffs Is this suppose to be intended? or is this a bug?

help with my sword


should i put a 6% total dmg neb on my 257 mistilteinn

What have you achieve on your Hayato today? Version 2


[b]Work in progress: THREAD FULLY UPDATED[/b] Original post by: @bubblecup118 [b][/b] Will be updated by me slowly after I get the formatting down. [b]Also check out @Repen

Are you 100% Crit? and how?


I've managed to hit 100% crit myself but I'm curious to see how some of you other hero's out there did it. I'm still having to use a crit ring and a 13% crit line on my shield I'd love to cube over. I've been trying to roll %

More Aran nerfs inc


KMS ver. 1.2.263 Aran Polearm Booster Polearm Booster: attack speed boost has been decreased from 3 stages to 2 stages Drain Drain: HP healed has been decreased (at max level it is 2% max HP drained which doesn't seem like its any different from las

Surge of Aran bots


I 21x Aran in reboot server. More Arans have started botting in reboot, is reason for this? Some have been gaining 100b+ exp/daily. Few have been banned whilst others like LiCN/HyperActiv have run into a gm and stopped so they could get away with this. W

Conflicted with Inner Ability

Demon Slayer

So as the title has stated I'm currently conflicted with my inner ability... I don't know which to keep and which to get rid of: Legendary Ability: 18% Drop Rate 23% Skill Duration Max HP +135 I don't know if I should get rid of the 1st a

Paging all Demon Avengers mains

Demon Avenger

Post a screenshot of your range / equip & your youtube channel if you make videos! I will be uploading to my channel of my DA soon, but would love to subscribe and watch some fellow players content! [url=]my ch

Chat Forum

Which Sports Do Basilers Do?


For the spirit of the 2016 Olympics in Brasil, share which sports (excluding e-sports) you do. I do Kyudo (Japanese archery) and Taekwondo. (I might use this as a starting platform for art inspirations after I finish school this month)

Most you have spent on a phone?


Most i spent was just over $300 on my s5 almost 2 years ago (it was over $500 direct from boost mobile), now id like to buy an s7, but im not spending $600 or more, thats crazy and the only way id spend that much is if i got paid $600 a week. The s8 is

tell me im not the only one who does this


am I the only one who uses my belt to carry heavy boxes? (using the belt buckle to hold the edge of the box and shift its weight to my belt rather than myself. then just pushing it towards me with my arms) the only downside is that it wrecks your shirt a

I have some terrible news


I'm not addicted to sex anymore.

omg I actually did it


Guys, I did it. I freaking DID it! I finally mustered up the courage to talk to the cute ASIAN guy in my Acting class. At first I hesitated and hesitated like an idiot, but then I remembered what everyone on basil told me... so, in my mind I was like &qu

HOLY CANOLI, i sideswiped a cop today


i went to shakas to eat out a cute bowl of teriyaki witht he sauce, and some cute police servants were sitting at a table, i was able to slide my butt against his huge bubble butt in those tight pants and he smirked and gave me a nod witha tounge lip lic

How do you feel about death


Or more aptly, how do you feel about being alive? The experience of being alive after someone close to you has died is what destroys me. I spend so much time looking at the future that when the present suddenly hit me, it felt like my stomach was tearing

Why do smart people look smart?


and dumb people look dumb? I feel like you can gauge someone's intelligence by looking at their face. For example, look at Edward Snowden. You can just TELL that he's some incredibly smart mofo that does calc 3 on his free time. Since I live i

A game I made


Hey guys I created this as a hobby project. Here's a preview of it: Download link: Discord channel: (a chat channel) https://

Can you live by yourself with a job paying minimum wage?


Let's say a person works a minimum wage job for 35 ~ 40 hours each per week. Is that enough to be living by yourself? Wage is $7.50 USD /per hr

Entertainment Forum

Drawing BasilMonsters?


Leave a message for me and I'll draw your character as a monster/spirit/yōkai/etc. It'll be a surprise! Lately, my sketchbook's mellowed into a terribly serious state of being. Zzz. Help me make the pages a little more playful, won't

Vgm Thread


Not sure what category this goes under. i just chose nintendo because it seems the most popular on here other than anime & manga Post videogame music. Please one song per post so it doesnt get crowded. :) Rules: 1. one song per post 2. use this form

What should I watch next?

Anime As you can see ive dug myself quite the hole and that hole will get even deeper within the next four months. This doesnt include series' I have on crunchyroll, funimation, hulu, and netflix. I have gotten into the r

Games to Play?


Other than Overwatch and Osu are there any decent PC games I can play? Just want something else to do when I'm not feeling maple too much

Draw the above person in MSPaint


[header]Introduction: Welcome to (And thank you to those who contributed to making this) what is now the largest thread of the Art section! I made this thread to keep some beggars away from this section, as they have been clogging it up with spam threads

Make Pokemon Great Again


In need of a free Pokemon based online game with an active community chat box? Ever want to own your very own one of a kind crystal pokemon? Do you like Mudkip? Pokemon Eclipse has got you covered Play for free at:

Can someone draw me?


Need background for my PC, and draw this character. Thanks :D

drawing some peeps


Been away from basil for awhile and idk why the website looks so weird now LOL But anyways i'm pretty bored so i'm willing to draw some of u guys.. it just might take awhile.

Drawing requests


Hi! I've been quite inactive on these forums for years now, so my screens are quite outdated when it comes to my style. Anyways, I am looking for drawing practice & I kind of lack inspiration to come up with new designs. SO here's your cha

Art Trades Anyone


Anybody wanna do art trades?? <3 These used to be cool! Post in here, doesn't have to be amazeballs!!

Hardlux solo attempt #5 - Was less than half HP at gem when I lost my last life. So close but it&
This day in history Liberation of Paris in 1944. Happy National Second-hand Wardrobe Day ! Ha
Could anyone shoot me a P/C in MYBCKN?
That moth is still living in my home. It flew in the shower and saw me nakey, and it got wet and cou
Got my SW sword this morning in Reboot and got it to legendary with 23% att and 20% boss damage.
annoying day, someone tried hacking my email and failed, but successfully hacked my skype. Luckily I
I have a cracked gollux ring, cracked gollux earings, silver blossom ring, ghost exorcist badge, roy
to my experienced cooks, how long does homemade applesauce last for? ._.
Time passes. Some things stay the same.
I kinda want to start drawing. I have a simple idea to start with, but at the same time I'm not
in todays report @Redeyed catches @loraket with a poke ball @Carbyken is willingly fighting karbyc
My cat keeps trying to drink my watercolour water...please, cat, let me paint in peace. The water�
baby pull me closer
This day in history Vesuvius erupts in 79. Happy International Day Against Intolerance, Discrimin
Helpingly's helpful tip of the day: If you're gonna let the water run a bit in the show
y'all disrespect y'all disconnect
Read that you can get 20% back on GTX 970 if you bought it from Amazon due to the false advertisemen
I just met someone in maple, he said he was named hoho. I don't even believe it. If it were you
khroa is a mess right now. a hacker is summoning coco's in the FM entrance area
As I look forward towards end-game play to create bossing characters, I wanted to understand more ab

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