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potty mouth in the damn good game


is there room for potty mouth (aka cussing!xD) in maplestory?? how many of u openly use potty language in maple already? and how many of u are good people and do not do it? let find out this been on my mine since i was 7 years old

Bera Guilds


I'm looking for a guild in Bera that is ACTIVE, friendly and occasionally does bosses as well as PQs. I really want to do Party Quests and Bosses to level up and gain new items, however when I am searching for parties to join, there is nobody on. I u

Rate The Person's Look Above You!


Title says it all xD; oh and say whether they can be henehoes I know this has been done before, but i wanted to bring it alive again! So, don't be like, "ZOMG POSER ROFLCOPTER NIBSAUCE FAIL!" well here we go!

The character above you comes knocking at your door


What are your first impressions and how do you react?

Coming Back Baby


I am coming back to Maple ! I want to join a nice Guild in Reboot !! It seems like a nice server!! Which Class should I play ?

What is the weakest class?


I want to main one. No beginners though.

Lgr clean price in Bera?


Haven't used this in forever and what not but curious as to what the price of a clean LGR is in Bera? I'm looking for one.

Need p/c on some nx items trying to sell bera free market


I could use some help with a price check on the following nx items I'm trying to sell: Black Slanted Visor Pink Lady (something) Ring Janus Sword transparent hat not nx: dragon khanjar I'll be selling these items in the free market in bera, I

I039m looking for something in Khaini/Broa


Idk if I can post this kind of thread here, but I'll try anyway. I have a 24% luk superior Gollux Ring (unique tier), and I'm looking to trade it for a 24% str superior Gollux Ring. Thanks!

Looking for guild in reboot


Old player looking to get back into it in need of guild. PLease thanks!

Bowman Forum

CRA requirements


Hey fellow mercedes, I was just wondering what the lowest possible range/funding would be to kill CRA bosses, also what %crit %tot damage %ignore def etc would be required! Thanks! :)

Arrow Illusion Glitching in Gollux?


Hello! Um whenever I set up my arrow illusion (puppet) in hard gollux, the head doesn't only face in one direction anymore. I can still manage to kill it, but it just makes it much harder and also costs me at least a life or unless I actually focus then

What has this game come to


When MARKSMEN MISS with a skill called SNIPE just because this fat robot that's 3 feet away is just a couple levels higher? Accuracy doesn't matter anymore, yes. But what the hell were they thinking when they made it so that even Snipe can MISS? I misse

Cool Mercedes username


Any of you interested in the ign MercedesBenz? Would keep this if I actually liked the Mercedes class but I will sell for mesos if any of you are interested.

Hyper Skills and Passive Skills on lvl 140

Bow Master

My BM is @ lvl 125 @ Renegades server and I'm about to reach lvl 140 soon, what hyper skills (passive skills) and hyper skills stats (i.e DEX, Boss DMG, Ignore DEF, DMG) i need to focus on BM on reaching lvl 140 + and beyond and i got this info from

revamped platter

Bow Master

how the hell do you set this up to max angle? all keys at same time? up arrow first? platter first? time frame between each key?

Wind Archer Achievement Thread

Wind Archer

What Did you achieve on your Wind Archer today? I got to level 50 and got a new bow :D EDIT: Also post what you're doing to prepare for the revamp, whether leveling a WA, getting gear, or just Henehoeing

Arrow Blaster nerfed on rebalancing

Bow Master

I'm about to create a BM during the burning event I just noticed that on the 3rd job skills arrow blaster on the rebalancing for the Maple 11 patch it got nerfed from 140% to 85%, a 55% decrease so any difference dmg wise Thank you for your input

Fafnir Windwing Shooter

Wild Hunter

What are the best scrolls to use on my fafnir crossbow? I want to perfect it before I work on other pieces. Thank you!

Wild Hunter vs. Demon Slayer

Wild Hunter

I'm can't decide between the two because they're both fun for me and both of them have 100% stance. Also I'm gonna be a low funded player not gonna spend money on NX, purely gonna relie on mesos.

Mage Forum

The Evan Achievement Thread


[header] Evan updates are coming! [/header] [b]Zeff (Rioun of Bera)[/b], welcomes you to the Evan Achievement Thread! This thread has become a gathering place for Evans of all worlds/servers and I'm very happy about that. Standing strong at [b]a lot of

What have you accomplished today, I/L Mages?

Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

I/L mages, share with us what you've done today-- wins, fails, levels, deaths, items, or anything at all! Please post the date at the top of your entry, like the following (unfortunately true) post: 11/11/2010 I got an Immortal Pharaoh Belt on my 2nd

Bishop HitsPerSecond Now and in Future


Sorry but does anyone know the delay of Angel Ray with VoA on assuming 0 speed (hard speed cap) now? Or just the theoretical hits per second bishop has currently at 0 attack speed. And how much they'll have once VoA hits 10 beautiful lines? (Also,

Training lvl 211


Where would be the fastest place to gain exp at lvl 211 assuming ~350k buffed range? Also, at what point (i.e range/ damage per line of AR or Big Bang) can I start training in Black Heaven maps? And which ones are best suited or bishops? Thanks!

Revamp doesn039t look too good?


Does anyone else also think that the new revamp's skills just aren't as appealing as the old skills? I really like many of Evan's current skills like flame wheel and earthquake, and seeing them all get replaced makes me not like the revamp

Evan training Vids


hey guys! Just was wondering if anyone had links to any evan training videos (pre revamp)? Seeing as revamp is still a few months away, I want to see some examples of how Evan does in the newer maps (i.e. scrapyard maps). If you have any videos, or any

What did you accomplish on your cleric/priest/bishop?


Feel free to share, brag, ask questions etc...! OT: went on a group boss run, fantastic

How are Kannas now?


Pros & Cons? I do know that they're really good at mobbing, but how about bossing?

Bishop Damage Ranges


the old one is locked :/ [b] Updated again after a long time 7/25[/b] level 201 not really that funded.. blessing of fairy 12, Empress blessing 14, + almost all level 2 link skills ~125% int unbuffed: ~300k self-buffed with mw 30/ab 30 hero's echo and

Never got 1st saddle now no mount ability?


I never got my first saddle because I didn't have enough mesos so when I went to get the first one Kenta said the saddle would no longer fit (obviously) so that quest was automatically replaced for the second saddle quest, but I never got the mount a

Pirate Forum

Is Angelic Buster good/dooty?

Angelic Buster

I always liked the idea of a non Mary Sue strong female character blasting mushrooms into space with a sonic dragon cannon so I decided to maybe do her. Is she good for bossing? Can you give me some info on her? doot doot

A newbie risises


Hey everyone! I made this thread because Mechanics are kinda extinct and I wanted to get to know the other Mechanics here. I also did it because I think a newbie opinion around here will be good, most of you here are LV 250 or around that so I can help wi

Where did the Buccaneer class go?


Okay, yes, I know you can still technically make a Buccaneer, but... why? I don't mean to offend anyone who still enjoys the class - if you're loving the new direction they've taken with the class, more the power to you, but they have just

Where the hell do I get a pure gold transistor?


I've been farming at spirit Viking for ages and it never drop.

What should I buy to maximize my dmg for right now?

Angelic Buster

I currently have about 6B in mesos and I'm looking to buy equips that will maximize my damage output. Right now, I really want the Fafnir angelic shooter (I started the bid for 5.5B), but would it be better if I got the gollux earrings, sweetwater eq

Rebalancing-Maple 11th Anniversary Patch


Did the cannoneer got nerfed or buffed on the rebalacing Thank you for your input

I always see cannoneer being recommended and asked all the t


But I still don't see a lot of cannoneer mains?

Hyper Skills-Stats amp Passive Skills


Hello I'm going to create a Cannoneer, already have 2 pirate characters lvl 183 shade and my main lvl 210 Thunder Breaker, when I hit lvl 140 on the cannoneer what hyper skills stats (Boss Dmg, Dmg, Str, Crit, Min/Max Crit, Ignore Def) should i focus

still no platter


that moment i saw another kms update and thought we were getting some broadside platter skill lol. *one day i guess* :D </3

Do you prefer headshot or rapidfire?


Older sairs will remember a time(UNLEASHED patch) when headshot/brain scrambler had a cooldown cutter hyper that removed the cooldown. Back then sairs were basically the Mecha-purge/snipe spamming Xenons today. Now Sairs is more similar to bowmaster and o

Thief Forum

Xenon Fafnir Whipblade or Terminus?


Terminus whipblade is fast(4) and fafnir whipblade is fast(5) but since you can hit fast(0) using booster, +1 atkspeed IA, DSI, and greenpot with a fafnir whipblade, does it really matter if you're using a fafnir whipblade or terminus? Overall is it

Best DPM Setup for Non-Capping Phantoms


Scroll down for Final DPM Results and conclusions. Skill HPS: [*]Mille = 13.66 [*]Tempest = 16.5 [*]Arrow Blaster = 6.66 [*]Hurricane = 8.33 [*]Carte Noir = 8.53/6.87/10.41(Mille/Tempest/Hurricane) At 100% Crit and Judgment Draw Auto. At average funding

Is that harder to gain range with a NL?


Well I've a phantom and a nightlord, they're both level 174. before Phantoms got nerfed I had almost 400k range with my phantom and with my nightlord I've 170k range. for some reason the nightlord is stronger and I even don't have the

How to MAX damage on beam dance and snipe?


Max damage on beam dance and snipe? im sitting on 210% bosswith(with out OOPArts) with 2m clean range, 81% pdr(no including lumi), 8k str, 7k dex, 6k luck. im hiting around 25m on czakum with beam dance and 35m on snipe. what am i missing? or what should

What is the point of Vitality Siphon?

Cygnus Knight Night Walker

Kinda like how I couldn't see the use for Heaven's Hammer; actually that skill HAS use. This I just can't see any reason, even with the hyper passives. Maybe the 10 second duration is what annoys me. Perhaps someone can enlighten me?

Selling a Fafnir Rapid Edge

Dual Blade

I'm Selling a Fafnir Rapid Edge that is starred to 11 for 200 Million. Post a reply if you are interested.

Why xenons have that little thing protrude from their hip?


Anyone know what that is? I tried to main a xenon but that ugly thing just sticks out and is ruining my look. What is it and how can I hide it?

What Did You Achieve on Your Sin/Hermit/NL Today?

Night Lord

Last thread for this died so long ago that its gravestone probably withered away already. So I figured my fellow star-tossing Explorer Thieves deserve a thread like this as much as anybody else. No achievement is too small to post here. I'm rootin' for

Goodjob Nexon, you messed up Phantom again


Hey guys, remember when judgement draw stops tempest from doing damage? Well after this patch, autocards no longer casts when tempest is in use. -_________________________________-

The Rise of Wade Willson

Shadower Join me in Scania as I train to get strong enough to take on Francis and save Vanessa!

Warrior Forum

transfer hammer


Could you use a 15* sword and transpose it to a 0* primed sword with out losing the prime scrolling to get 14*?

What have you accomplished on your hero today?


So, what have you accomplished on your hero today. Ill star off 1. I made a new shield landed 1 70 tried chaosing got w.def then 30%'d now its 5att 4slots 3lined 3% str ^_^ 2. Screwed around with my mesos and got some new equips :D

Revamped Aran still never use overswing?


I tried to look up on some new boss videos so it's still the old boring Final Blow > Beyonder spam?

The Spearman/ DK/ DrK Achievement thread ~

Dark Knight

[b]*This is a Public Service Announcement[/b] --- As of 29 November 2013, @cookie4mesos has taken over maintenance of this thread. Please direct any questions, concerns, or requests towards him. Updates will be forthcoming. Thanks, and happy Basilling!

How are Hayatos?


I'm curious to know more about Hayatos, can you list me the pros and cons? Are they good at bossing?

Lightning Charge vs. Holy Charge?


I've heard a lot of people say that Lightning Charge does more damage than Holy Charge, even with the combo buff from LC. I tried looking this up for confirmation, but a lot of the stuff was outdated since Paladin isn't necessarily the most popu

What did you achieve on your mihile?


[header]Mihile, the Knight of Light, Achievement Thread[/header] [i]"The mightiest hero can come from the humblest beginnings"[/i] Since the other thread was locked, I thought I make another one so that active mihiles can post it here <3 An

The Demon Slayer achievement thread

Demon Slayer

So what have my fellow Demon Slayers achieved so far? :) Upgraded my 3% STR shoes to 6% STR's. :D

What have you achieve on your Hayato today?


[header]Hyper Skills released[/header] Hayato now have Hyper Skills. Share with us your experience with your new Hyper Skills. [header]Introduction[/header] Welcome to [b]"What have you achieved on your Hayato today?"[/b] thread. This achieveme

Did I mess up my stats?

Demon Avenger

Hey so im a lvl 54 demon avenger in EMS and I put 1 AP in str by mistake which was supposed to go in HP. Did I mess up? I haven't played in a while so does EMS do compound HP when you level up, like they used to? or can I buy NX in the future and fix

Chat Forum

I fucked up my interview


wow. It was one of the worst interviews I've ever had. I got there on time. The store was located at a food court. I asked the cashier for the manager. She told me that it's the person sitting in the middle of the food court with glasses. I lo

Post Your Picture Thread


[b]Under @LlamaKisses ' consent, this new thread is to be the continuation of the old one.[/b] Greetings Basilers, and welcome to the post your picture thread! This thread is catered for users who wish to upload a picture of themselves, and serves as a

In Rainbows


Radiohead: Reckoner You can't take it with you Dancing for your pleasure You are not to blame for Bittersweet distractor Dare not speak its name Dedicated to all you all human beings Because we separate like ripples on a blank shore (in rainbows)

Machamp turns me on


Okay... who knew Pokemon could turn me on. As a gay male who has a thing for manly guys, Machamp so happens to be a four-armed "manly Pokemon" with big muscles... so he kinda turns me on. It gets so distracting while playing Pokemon cuz I can&#

How to pass the time?


Took a pill... worth it... but no man should have that much power... and with great power comes great responsible, I must use my powers for good. The price of power does not come cheap... I am quite inebriated and debilitated, unfit for travel. So I am s

Top 3 most intelligent basilers?


In my opinion: 1) @sezbeth He tends to use A LOT of big words and his reasoning/logic skills are definitely above average than most basilers. Plus, I secretly enjoy reading his lengthy, intelligent posts. xD Thus he gets 1st place. I'll be surprise

Will there ever be another experience like 20072011 basil??


God the forum was so amazing then especially like 2008-2009 when I think it was at it's biggest (tho I have no fkin clue boys). I've searched far and wide for a forum as dank as this place used to be but they're all complete trash just like

Why dont we talk about the things that are bothering us?


I feel like we live in a troubled world. The only thing distracting us from it is all the material things (phones, tv shows, etc.). The fact of the matter is, we don't live in a utopia. There are people going through hell on earth while I'm typi

I want to leave a legacy behind


I want to leave a legacy behind after I die.

hey my babies


hey my babies, i hope u all grow up to be beautiful men and women<3

Entertainment Forum

Vgm Thread


Not sure what category this goes under. i just chose nintendo because it seems the most popular on here other than anime & manga Post videogame music. Please one song per post so it doesnt get crowded. :) Rules: 1. one song per post 2. use this form

free drawings give me love pls im lonely


hey guys im drawing on a mouse so hit me up with your character prepare your cute butts with 3rd grade esq drawings | here's an example : pls say thank you i need love



I want to have a tournament for all the sm4sh players out there who also play maplestory! lets see who the best in the maple world is! Leave your nnid below!

Smol Drawings


I accidentally came up with a new style while sketching someone for fun recently and I need human test subjects. Please volunteer to let me draw you like one my smol girls! Here's an example:

Spring 2016 Thread

Anime What are you watching, what's good so far, what you recommend

Draw the above person in MSPaint


[header]Introduction: Welcome to (And thank you to those who contributed to making this) what is now the largest thread of the Art section! I made this thread to keep some beggars away from this section, as they have been clogging it up with spam threads

Building new PC for new games


Hey guys. I will be selling my current PC and I'm looking to build a new one with a budget of $750. Looking to play games like gta5, overwatch, and possibly the new Battlefield game. Anyone can point me in a direction?

Best Pokemon you ever gotten in Wonder Trade?


Some dude just traded me a perfect 6iv shiny Machamp with pokerus. It's most likely hacked, but I'm still satisfied with the trade. xD

What are your top 5 favorite moves in Pokemon?


My personal favorites (not in chronicle order) is: - Aromatheraphy (heals status condition for all pokemon in party) - Destiny Bond (you take me down, you go down with me baby!) - Metronome (*fingers crossed* hope I get a good move) - Guillotine (one hit

Unravel Piano Cover


hey guys! this is a piano cover i did of animenz's arrangement of tokyo ghoul op unravel. hope you like it! check out my other videos as well :) i'll be adding more in the near future

can we have a fight club thing within star world or nah
I want to draw my DA
Care Bear Countdown, 4, 3, 2, 1 Who's that comin' from somewhere up in the sky? Moving f
dear basil diary, when will i get fat. it has been 4 jars of nutella
My arms feel very heavy and it takes a lot of effort to move them... but they also feel really light
helo boy/girl if u in graze server and u wana trade gear from a warior to a shane then let me know
Not usually about posting sports related stuff but omg those Raptors!! #proudtorontoian #wethenorth
My luv for maple has run out, I only go on to set up my shop and then reset it lol
this weekend is one of 2 weekends that I am not happy my parents house backs on to a field
I love me some Overwatch
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OMG my teacher caught me looking at the person sitting next to me's test...but I was just stuck
This day in history a major tsunami hit Hawaii in 1960. Happy World Turtle Day ! Happy Nation
Helpingly's helpful tip of the day: If you're ever bored, get ElfYourself from the app
Just before the Final Boss in Dark Souls 3, and I get invaded. Ah good times.
-insert a story here because im boring-
"Is that all the words you know in the English language"
TFW you have three older siblings who all got into crazy good colleges and then your parents look at
Just when I believed basil users were Canadians and not Americans...

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