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is it weird to think kpop isnt so bad?

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tyrantblade Level 186 Chaos Battle Mage 4
Im not a huge fan of Kpop or anywhere close to it, but from the music videos ive watched it seems so much better than modern pop music in general, even if i don't know what they are saying

So far it seems BigBang is better than Astro, sort of like Astro is the Kpop version of 1 direction and BigBang is the Kpop version of Backstreet Boys/N Sync
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kayfabe Level 95 Zenith Hermit See what games, anime & art kayfabe is intokayfabe
okay but like where did akmu go who kidnapped them where are they being held hostage??
Feb 27 2016
bully Level 170 Reboot Paladin
it's literally not weird at all. kpop has a huge following
Feb 27 2016
simaini Level 211 Scania Bow Master SMTown Guild
i used to be a pretty big kpop fan, but not so much anymore. though last week i just went to an exo concert since it was free lol. kpop fans on the internet are really crazy and toxic though and love to fight over which of their favorite groups are the best. i realized i cared more about the kpop idols than their actual music. like, i would only listen to specific artists and even if i didn't like their song initially i will force myself to like it just because it was by that artist. some songs are really catchy though but they can get repetitive. also, there's just so many new kpop stars debuting constantly and it's just not interesting anymore for me. idk, i can write a lot more but i don't feel like ranting lol
Feb 27 2016
renni Level 224 Windia Angelic Buster 4
LOL it's not weird. I think people who don't know about kpop are missing out.
I really like kpop but I'm not all fan-girly about it like how some girls would find out everything about their bias member in a group, etc. I enjoy the songs, the choreo, and the MVs. The idols themselves I might like as a person (platonically), but no "oppa pls notice me ily."
I haven't really been following kpop recently though since there are so many new groups. And a lot of the "mainstream" songs that have been coming out aren't to my taste. Some of them are similar to music in the US that I don't particularly like. I find a lot more songs I like to be sung by less popular groups or singers, or in dramas or singing competitions.
Feb 27 2016
dennisb0t Level 13 Scania Kanna 1
i like kpop and korean indie songs. There's nothing wrong with kpop, if it sounds good then it's good, same goes with any other type of music.
Feb 27 2016
i don't like male groups unless they rap or sing rnb but the female groups can be good. i think when fans use vocabulary like bias, netizens, maknae (i know it's just a korean word) etc it's cringey af but that's fandoms for you
Feb 27 2016
staplemory Level 20 Yellonde Battle Mage 1
Because they're seen as oppressive sellout slave industries that is taking over East Asia and plaguing the world..

Kara is my fav girl group~
...R.I.P. Kara
My fav song is Wanna.

I also like IU, and a singer called Lee Soo Young.
Feb 27 2016
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