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is pushups situps etc

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ZetraDedd Level 202 Broa Kaiser 4
can you gain muscle by doing that stuff rather than actually lifting? I ask because i don't wanna go in my basement to my bar when i can just chill in my room and do like pushups and stuff lol
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Wordolio Level 200 Chaos Night Lord
yeah you can gain muscle by doing that. you won't gain that much though. body weight is still very good for workouts. in fact, i think it's the best workouts because you will get strong and on top of that you will have the best control and proportions over your body.
Dec 04 2013
MapleFlow Level 200 Chaos Phantom 4

Dec 04 2013
AveryMBII Level 111 Bera Aran 4
Well yes...kinda. Doing that stuff is more of a resistance training. I don't really know the specifics but there will be a difference when it comes to muscle density as opposed to muscle volume.
Dec 04 2013
siuttybears Level 121 Windia Aran 4
You'll get some leanish muscle but you'll never get big off doing it.
Dec 04 2013
Boss Level 211 Windia Bow Master
The most basic principal in training is progressive overload.
Unless you're capable of going from pushups to gymnastic-type planche pushups and somehow continually add weight while hitting a rep range optimal for hypertrophy, you'll stay small. And by small I don't mean "toned". Just small.
Dec 04 2013
It won't get you Big/Buff/Ripped since you need to be lifting heavy weights in order to promote true muscle growth
BUT you can build lean muscle that won't wear as fast, meaning you can stay in good shape and have a lot of neat lines that define your body if your body fat percentage is low enough.

Id personally prefer the bench/squat rack/weighted plates since they're much better for developing new muscles rather than strengthening current muscles.
Dec 04 2013
NoobCake Level 141 Elnido Shadower
Pushups/Situps won't make you gain muscle...It'll cut the fat which leads to lean muscle but you won't GAIN muscle...
To gain muscles, you need to lift heavy weights.
Dec 04 2013
NoobCake Level 141 Elnido Shadower
i don't really wanna get like buff or anything i'm just really skinny (125ish pounds) and I really wanna gain weight, but not just fat. I figure this would work?[/quote]

If you want to gain weight then eat twice as much as you eat now. Compliment this with exercise and you'll be bulky and muscular.
Dec 04 2013
Lol, asks if he can exercise in his room because he's too lazy to walk downstairs.
Dec 04 2013
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