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juarmo story #8 @ Jul 03 2014

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juarmo Level 218 Bera Evan 4th Growth SixHeroes Guild
Side Story: The Demon's Regret, and Resolution
I was a fool, I realize that now. I was so blinded by rage and thoughts of revenge when the Black Mage killed my family, I was going to slaughter everyone who affiliated with the Black Mage. I hadn't even thought to wait until the Heroes showed up to challenge him. I know I'm no match for him, but I was blind, I wanted him to myself, I wanted to be the one to send him to Oblivion. If I had waited for the Heroes to arrive, we might have been able to do more than seal him away. I was so blinded by my rage, that I treated anyone who worked for the Black Mage to be an enemy that must be obliterated. I failed to realize that if the Black Mage lied to me, manipulated me, betrayed me, then perhaps more of his minions were expendable. Perhaps if i hadn't gone on a rampage, I could have appealed to his army, convince them to forsake the Black Mage, for if he betrayed his apparently favored general, slaughtering his family when the very reason he became a commander was to keep the black mage's army from harming them in their conquest

Then perhaps they were all pawns in his game, perhaps they were all expendable, perhaps all lied to, perhaps they were all manipulated into working for him. If he manipulated me, then perhaps others might be as well, perhaps I could have convinced them of this and kept them from going through the same things i did.

The more I explore, the more evidence I see of this. In the Grand Athenaeum, I read a book titled, the White Mage. It tells of the Black Mage a long time ago, back when he was known as the White Mage, a being of light, not of darkness. He ran an organization called Aurora dedicated to the pursuit of the Ultimate Light. Monsters everywhere were being infected with dark energy, and only the white mage could put an end to it. Before long, powerful entities of pure darkness called omens showed up, in greater and greater numbers, which turned out to happen in proportion to the White Mage's research. He was undergoing forbidden practices, had made his followers unwaveringly loyal to him, even when they had study'd the Omen's remnants, immediately seeing that they were a byproduct of the White Mage's research, they kept quiet, sure that the master knew what he was doing. However, his research completed, they heard the white mages voice, saw the look in his eyes, and it was clear that it was no longer human, the Black Mage then slaughtered aurora's members, his own disciples, who would've taken an arrow for him. In the Lion King's Castle, I learned that the cygnus knights were tricked into attacking the Lionheart Kingdom, being mislead into believing that Von Leon swore his allegiance to the Black Mage, and that someone had assassinated Queen Ifia and planted evidence with the Cygnus Knight's insignia. His humanity torn apart by grief and anger, he really did swear loyalty to the Black Mage. The power twisted him, now blinded by vengence on the Cygnus Knights, his people transformed into monsters, unable to hear the cries of the Ghost of Queen Ifia, unable to hear her tell the truth, that the Knights were framed. the Black Mage was responsible, he manipulated and lied to him as well.

Luminous tells me that Guwaru was Brainwashed

The resistance captured Orchid, learning her tale. The Black Wings' true goal wasn't to revive the Black Mage, but to revive Orchid's Brother, Lotus, who was mortally wounded by phantom and placed in suspended animation. Orchid hired Gelimer to help her. He succeeded in reviving his body, but he made it a mindless drone that he could control remotely. Unleashing it on orchid, he ursurped leadership of the Black Wings. "The Black Mage needs a vessel, not another follower". Yet another commander betrayed by the one she dedicated her life to serving.

At the temple of time, i saw my brother. I was elated. He's ALIVE! But he believed I was a traitor, that the only way to bring back our mother was with the power of the Transcendent of time, Rhinne isn't the transcendent anymore, the new transcendent will remain sealed, until we can convince him to join our cause, and then he can rewrite history so we can be a happy family once more. I tried to convince him that the black mage was using him, that he'll toss you aside like garbage as soon as you're no longer useful. He was deluded like everyone else.

Magnus pretended to betray the black mage, the other commanders were kept out of the loop, they genuinely believed he was a traitor. He let his two commanders launch their armies on one another, allowing them to waste their armies, HIS armies, because the other commanders thought he was a traitor. But rather, it was part of the Black Mage's Plan, and Darmoor's, but until the two generals met in person, they had no idea they were still on the same side. It is clear that said meeting resolved their misunderstanding, and along with Von Leon and Arkarium, laid siege on Kritias together.

There is not one person who the Black Mage doesn't consider expendible. If you can't turn them, you should slay them, not as punishment fpr their crimes, but as an act of mercy. The black mage is the only one who deserves to pay for those crimes. The others, even his most loyal minions, are not responsible, they are souls lost in the darkness, wandering aimlessly, while the darkness corrupts their very essense, influencing them to commit unspeakable acts no matter what sort of morals they once possessed. The darkness tears apart lives, families, civilizations, the balance of nature, and humanity.

Take it from me, a Token, Half Demon, Half Human, living on the border of Minar Forest and Tynerum, not fitting in in either world, yet lived a happy life with my family, which I turned to the black mage to protect, only to have that life torn apart forever. The black mage must be stopped. Hopefully, his followers can finally be freed from the darkness if he is slayed. One last demon to Slay, and a family of half demons to Avenge.

Even now, some times I have PTSD, and my Fury becomes uncontrollable, and I go into a state of Wild Rage, a self destructive entity obsessed with Vengance, my scepter mophed into the very definition of a double edged sword, harming oneself in a Desperate attempt to destroy one's enemy, which I call a Desperado. I once again become blind to the true Darkness, and will slaughter mercilessly until i recieve Vengeance, a far cry from my more controlled state where my Fury is Unleashed only on greater villains who must be slayed.

Noone is safe from the black mage, not me, not the alliance, not Darmoor, not even his most loyal servants. If only I could free the other commanders from the darkness, make them see the light, then perhaps the Alliance would be strong enough to defeat him, and the world can finally be free from Him forevermore.

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