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juarmo story #8 @ Jul 13 2014

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juarmo Level 218 Bera Evan 4th Growth SixHeroes Guild
Evan: Day 12. Month: 7 Year: 309 ABM
Today, Maple World witnessed a rare treat: A Miracle Time. In certain cosmic allignments, for 2 1 hour intervals, Miraculous Energy Strengthens, and Miracle Cubes Create far more wonderful Miracles. One will see such miracles as the Odds of an item Ranking up through the power of Miracles doubling. If one is blessed by the cosmos, one might see an item increase 2 ranks at once. I myself experienced an AMAZING miracle. With only 12 Black Cubes, I got my Emblem, awarded for my skill at Boss Arena Matches, from Epic to unique in but a single cube! After i went through 11 of my Black cubes with my Emblem, still unique with no outstanding configurations, a Miracle happened. The 12th and last cube not only got it to legendary, but it gave a great set of lines. 9% int and 12% total damage! While it could be better, as it doesnt have defense ignore or %matk, it could've been a lot worse as well. At last I have an Item i feel is worthy of the Hero's Successor! An item worthy of such a legend! While i may work on it later, my other gear needs a LOT more work. Why improve your best aspects when you're filled with weak points? So I locked it. Fr 3 months. Hopefully i can get another item to this point.

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