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juarmo story #8 @ Jun 12 2014

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juarmo Level 218 Bera Evan 4th Growth SixHeroes Guild
Evan: Just got my hands on an Abyss Mask, and chaosed to 8 M.Atk! Is that good? P.S. So glad leaves stopped dropping! I had more time for fun as a pig farmer than a Maple Leaf farmer! Me and the other four heroes are currently still following our own paths. When the time is right, when we're needed, those paths will converge, and we will [i]all[/i] unite under our guild, FiveHeroes! Translation: Arans, Phantoms, Mercedeses, and Luminouses of Bera, and Buccs who are future Eunwol Mainers, I am R> Six Heroes. Zero: We got our weapons to 60% boss, 28% attack! Alpha: all those WP [i]I[/i] harvested [i]finally[/i] paid off! Beta: [i]You[/i] harvested? [i]I[/i] did all the work! [i]You[/i] mostly sat around telling me what to do! Alpha: Yes, [i]me[/i]! I helped a little, but I'm a leader, I delegate! And if it wasn't for [i]my[/i] impulse control, we'd have wasted those Weapon Points [i]long[/i] before we reached 30,000! It is [i]I[/i] who deserves the credit for our 60% Boss Damage and 28% Weapon Attack weapons! Beta: anyway, we got somebody to join the Zero Force! The first (two) Eye(s) of Zero, Paradox Duo!

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