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looking for Legit Nx sellers that are willing to gift first

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ricerox199 Level 152 Bera Aran 4
Title says it all. We all know that trust is an issue because of those "bad" players who like to play the role of a villain in games. What I am looking for is someone I can go to daily/weekly to buy nx from. If you do not trust me, its understandable, but please do not try to convince me to pay first because I will not. To prevent mesos/NX loss I will only be buying items that are 1k and below (mostly below) to build up some trust first. once you trust me i'll be buying more pricey items from you. prices are negotiable.

Q: why should I gift you first?
A: theres no way you can prove to me that you have nx on you unless you gift me that's why I prefer that you gift first. As for me I can prove that I have more than enough money to buy your nx. the rest relies on TRUST.

Q: how do I know you won't run away with my NX?
A: like I said, i'm looking for people who I can buy NX from regularly. Also, even if I were to scam you (not going to scam, just using an example) it would be better to lose 500nx rather than 10,000NX to those other Nx scammers. I plan on building trust by buying bits and bits at a time so just in case something goes wrong, the victim will not lose as much.
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lol legit sellers and gift first? are you high?
Jun 10 2013
Saepan Level 200 Broa Battle Mage 4
No u skem i hav proof
Jun 10 2013
fanglikescake Level 131 Yellonde Mercedes 4
Lol. If they're Legit sellers, they never go first.
Jun 10 2013
IliekAranDx Level 208 Scania Kaiser 4
Why would legit sellers go first? If they are legit and have vouchers, why should they go first?

You on the other hand, have no proof that you're legit or have any vouchers lol
Jun 10 2013
envenomed Level 212 Scania Phantom 4
The seller can also ask the same things about you. Why should the person trust you that she/he must go first? How does he/she knows if you won't run away with the NX?... and so on.

Also note that buying/selling NX is against the Nexon's ToU, so yeah.
Jun 10 2013
ihavefood Level 170 Aquila Paladin
lolol legit seller + gift first. that's like saying you'll help train a hacker at lhc.
Jun 10 2013
are you high?
Jun 10 2013
ModerateTrader Level 200 Bera Wild Hunter 4 Lavish Guild
You have no vouchers, you're not well-known and you're persistent on having someone give you real money first before your pixels. Good luck

EDIT: "I plan on building trust by buying bits and bits at a time so **just in case something goes wrong, the victim will not lose as much**."

**How the hell is the nx seller now the victim? Something goes wrong? Yeaaaaaaaaaah you're not going to get any sellers because you're TOO legit.**
Jun 10 2013
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