Sad Mask
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looking for Sad Mask owner in bellonova

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FreeWii4Mii Level 230 Bellocan Hero
[url=]help me complete my mask collection ;_;[/url]

willing to pay 1.5b (negotiable) for an anvilled sad mask, or possibly up to 10b for an original sad mask. Post here or add me (FORMFEED) if you want to discuss
Posted: May 2015 Permalink


gGreg Level 142 Scania Beginner
1.5b for an anvilled one? they're only 400m here in scania
May 03 2015
FreeWii4Mii Level 230 Bellocan Hero
the sad mask owners in bellonova have been careful to never let them get in fm, so they're super rare
May 03 2015
Zouyiro Level 211 Renegades Zero Transcendent
10b for sad mask...
May 03 2015

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