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lost Maple Warrior 30

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darkflick Level 206 Reboot Aran 4
I had Maple Warrior level 30 and now it only goes up to 10, that sucks. anyone else?
Posted: June 2016 Permalink


jaytokyo Level 204 Bera Blade Master
@wall: why they dont comprehend, man.
Jun 22 2016
pokiitia Level 250 Bera Phantom 4
well i guess you have to pay 8m to get 30 back
Jun 22 2016
grawp77 Level 219 Khaini I/L Arch Mage
Jun 22 2016
liftconcept Level 230 Bera Zero Transcendent
And here I was thinking % stat Neb's not working was bad.
Jun 22 2016

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