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lvl 200! Video

By Dragontearz

Mar 11 2012 Finally hit 200 after so many years of playing, shoutout to everyone, the rivalries at bigfoot, the friends I made over the years of playing, and so on so forth, time to take a break!

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It was quick my boy suggested I'd do it before I'd level so I pulled my iphone real quick LOL
Mar 11 2012
Recorded on a potato?[/quote]

you already know.
Mar 12 2012
Took you long enough. Congrats! [/quote]

Mar 12 2012
I think a potato provides better quality.
Mar 12 2012
carlyxox Level 245 Windia Blade Master
You just ruined this whole moment, with this horrible video.
Mar 12 2012

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