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radel22 Level 152 Bera Hero See what games, anime & art radel22 is intoradel22
i just had a lvl 45 brawler. he sucks with dmg. anyone know a training guide from lvl 45-100?
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[url=]Ayumilove has a decent leveling guide.[/url]
Jul 07 2013
ISmileI Level 201 Bera Shadower
There are a lot of training guides on basil, try looking them up, but you can try gold beach, it's good for 45~50/60?
then you can LudiPQ until 70/80, then go straight to Romeo/Juliet PQ until 100. It's probably the easiest method for now.
If you want to grind your way to 100, then you can gold beach until 60, sand rats until 70, roid until 80/90, then maybe captains/krus until 100?
Jul 07 2013

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