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mage link skills?

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kabooky Level 230 Broa Bishop
is there a up dated or even an outdated link skill setup for mages? or even card deck? I used search but dint really find anything for mages, I'm a bishop if that matters,thanks in advance !
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hangwithhung Level 190 Windia Demon Avenger 4 See what games, anime & art hangwithhung is intohangwithhung
For cards, the only ones I can think of as useful for mages are Evans (MP regen that... barely works), Lumi (+40 INT), and Mech (+%skill duration). I never touch it but honestly because for the most part decks only give additive bonuses and not multiplicative ones, it benefits a character little unless the character is lower leveled.

As for link skills: Phantom (at lv 120 you get +15% crit), Mihile (Knight's Watch from Mihile + Bishop's 4th job skill, "Buff Mastery" pretty much gives 100% stance), Demon Avenger and Kanna (each give +10% damage at lv 120), Xenon (+10% all stats), Demon Slayer (+15% Boss dmg), Lumi (Light Wash gives +10% DEF Ignore), and Elven Blessing (+10% EXP gain because that and HS make life easy).
Apr 14 2016

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