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masteria through the time

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nayeff Level 120 Bera Night Lord
is it worth doing it read tittle
Posted: March 2016 Permalink


jinnay Level 198 Scania Beast Tamer Bear
+1 omg the story plot is so dramatic its pretty fun thooooo
Mar 12 2016
nayeff Level 120 Bera Night Lord
@wall: tf is you
Mar 12 2016
ulieq Level 166 Reboot Hayato 4
I did both acts and didn't get ANYTHING. Where do you get the damage skin?
Mar 12 2016
Does anyone know the password to that machine? Hint says its the acronym to NLC, new leaf city, right? Yet i get it wrong, can someone correct me on this?
Mar 14 2016

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