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new cash shop update?

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schizophonia Level 203 Galicia Kanna 4
does anyone have tomorrow's cash shop update link yet bc this week's update tho
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4Times Level 149 Demethos Phantom 4
I want permanent kino pleaseeeee
May 28 2014
xxdrkangelxx Level 200 Bellocan Xenon 4
Every week I yearn for Perm Hyper Rocks. Every week. Every week. I need this. I would kill.[/quote]

I regret not buying a Perma Hyper Tele Rock during its promotion a few summers back. I kept taking hiatuses because I couldn't get anywhere with my massive town lag.

I've heard that the Perma HTRs were a one-time thing because Nexon America got their asses handed to them for the sale. T/F?

**OT**: Ehhh @ this week's promotions.
May 28 2014
SlyOne Level 210 Khaini Marksman
@xxdrkangelxx @Duzz

Yeah that is true. They aren't ever going to release them again unless the Koreans have a change of heart.
May 28 2014
xxdrkangelxx Level 200 Bellocan Xenon 4
@Duzz: They released those -- plus permanent Safety Charms -- all in the same week. I kept buying Marvel Machine and Premium NX/Cube packages instead.

Also, $10 + $15-$20 + $30 items stuck on one character seemed a little much..
> Cue Cash Shop merge of Cannoneers and Dual Blades with the original Explorers after once-in-a-lifetime promotion. >.<
May 28 2014
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