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raginroxas story #56 @ Apr 22 2020

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perfectsight Level 31 Scania Spearman Exalted Guild See what games, anime & art perfectsight is intoPerfectSight
I came back last year around march-april 2019 and played maplestory mostly after october 2019. Basically I play maplestory, I quite young so I don't even have a job but I think I need one, haven'T really done anything for 1-2 years. So yeah just playing maplestory and thinking cuz it'S hard to get a job for me.
May 01 2020
random87 Level 204 Broa Dark Knight See what games, anime & art random87 is intorandom87
I bought a left handed guitar after messing around with a right handed one for a few years. So I'm busy re-learning the guitar basics, but being left handed I think it will be worth it in the end. Working mostly from home and practicing guitar during breaks. Was thinking about buying a new PC and see if I could finally play Maplestory 2, but I just found out the service is shutting down already.
May 03 2020
evilcookie33 Level 181 Windia Night Lord See what games, anime & art evilcookie33 is intoEvilcookie33
I took up some gardening to kill some time with.
Ordered some interesting seeds and things I've always wanted to grow for the longest time but never had the time to look after them.

I also hopped back onto maple recently after some old highschool friends asked if I wanted to play.
(I also checked this website to see if the domain was down yet, but it's surprisingly still running?? What's mr.basil up to??)
May 06 2020
kaneki Level 214 Bera Mercedes 4 See what games, anime & art kaneki is intoKaneki
been trying to get back into drawing with all this free time, but it's still a pain.. other than that, day's been filled with wondering what to eat
May 13 2020

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