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juliacat Level 122 Broa Bow Master
I'm listening to a 2-hour compilation of maplestory music and it reminded me that I used to post fairly often on this site. In my heyday, I was still in middle school and I looked to Basil for social interaction since I didn't have any friends. I even remember posting a thread about how much I hated my first day of high school lol, and now here I am in college. My point in making this post is to express gratitude for the entertainment this site provided me with all those years ago. Hope y'all are doing well and leading fulfilling lives.
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dalsia Level 164 Scania Bishop
+1 Listening to old school Maple music is about as nostalgic as it gets. I was also in middle school during the height of MS, though I continued to play until I started college, as that's around the time that Big Bang killed the game for me.

The comments on this piece, my favorite BGM, are pretty good. There are so many people like us out there who still miss the old days.
Apr 13 2019

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