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scrolling perfect weapon

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Ksixaij Level 207 Khaini F/P Arch Mage
id like to scroll my weapon with these 40% scrolls that boom we might get. never scrolled "perfectly" before, how much nx would it approximatively cost me? im guessing shielding wards+guardian scrolls+hammers
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Ksixaij Level 207 Khaini F/P Arch Mage
2.8k+5.5k per try(8.3k)
40% chance to succeed(2.5 tries per slot=25 tries per 10 slots)
25*8.3=208k nx[/quote]

ty! but omg not so sure i want anymore'-_- might have to wait for +8 scrolls that dont boom
Apr 29 2014
alexstahp Level 210 Bellocan Xenon 4
actually its 0nx or 8.5k nx for 2 100% hammers provided the store gives us prots and shields which most have, but this is if you wanna farm or spend meso on leaves to get coins
Apr 29 2014
oBec Level 218 Scania Shade 4
If we do get those 40% boom scrolls, it's likely there'll be protection/shield scrolls in the coin shop as well, as there was in KMS. But then again, this is GMS, so don't get your hopes too high
Apr 29 2014
13bukedDP Level 84 Scania Hermit
And never go full yolo
Apr 29 2014
daringwaffle Level 207 Khaini Night Walker 4
@Ksixaij: yeah its SO much cheaper to scroll with no boom scrolls
red was a wonderful time. probably the best time for funding w/o spending a ton in the history of GMS
im upset i missed most of it
Apr 29 2014
calmkaiser Level 223 Bera Kaiser 4
anyway, lets just assume u use 3 scrolls per one (roughly about this with 50% scrolls i find) you'd be using 30 scrolls 30* 8.3=249k


Apr 29 2014
Wubzey Level 187 Mardia Night Walker 4 Beloved Guild
40% is not 2.5 its more like 4.0 so 40 tries per 10 slots 40 * 8.3 =332k nx
2.5 tries per slot would be assuming that it works 25% of the time ( i dont even maths what how did he get this?)

2.5 per slot is assuming exactly 40% success rate. 10 scrolls for 4 successes so 2.5 scrolls for 1 success/slot. Of course, this is purely hypothetical and very few people will take exactly 40 scrolls to pass all 10 slots.
Apr 29 2014
calmkaiser Level 223 Bera Kaiser 4
@Wubzey yeah i figured it out i was reading over it and then i got it
Apr 29 2014
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