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^What is BasilMarket?
Basilmarket is a simple to use site for buying and selling MapleStory items. You setup an auction or bid on items and then contact players in game to make the trade.

Not only that, you can setup your own BasilID, which is a page that has your characters, their level/class and what times you're playing. Once you've filled out your character list, just link the page on other forums so everyone can quickly and easily see where you're at and what you've got on.

^How to use BasilMarket
Finding your way
The frontpage is the nexus of From there you can find the latest auctions, comments, forum activity and poll. The top tabs (next to the logo) contain the most often-used functions. That is where you can access your BasilID (your characters), forum, your auctions and view all auctions.

Rules / Etiquette
When commenting, if you have nothing positive, constructive or useful to say, don't say it. Your post will be deleted and you will eventually be restricted from posting.
Bannable offenses
• Racism
• Links to nudity and/or gore
• Inappropriate links (use your common sense)
• Feedback scamming
• Feedback revenge
• Making another account to bump auction price

Posting suspension
• Cussing
• Flaming
• Illegal topics
• Auctioning in the forums
• Advertising
• Bypassing url filter
• Chain letters
• Discussing hacks/hacking
• Posting junk/useless posts
• Sigs
• Deceptive and/or ambiguous title
Extra comment commands
When logged in and reading comments, you will notice the '+' at the bottom of each post. Clicking this will reveal a set of commands that you can use. If the post is yours, you can edit it, PM will allow you to private message that user, Quote will let you quote that comment, Permalink will give you a url to that comment which you can use on other parts of the site or the web and Report will report that post to the admin.

Features determined by Feedback rating
By being a responsible auctioner, making trades in a timely manner and being a curteous trader, you will improve your Feedback rating over time. Your Feedback rating will determine what kinds of features you can use on

Feedback +5 - Once you have 5 successful auctions with positive ratings, you will be allowed to Auto-Win auctions and submit screens.
Feedback +20 - With a rating of +20, you will be able to start your own forum threads and your auctions will be automatically OK'd!

Also, your ability to post comments on the site is directly proportional to your Feedback rating. So if your rating is +20, you can post up to 20 comments per day.

Adding screenshots, videos, models, etc
Submitting screenshots, videos, models, etc is easy. You just click on the + icon. Please note that not all submissions can be accepted. If your submission is not accepted, do not submit it again. If it wasn't accepted the first time, there's no reason why submitting it again would help. Instead try to make a more interesting or unique submission. Put more effort into it.

Basil Time
If you're like most people you might find it difficult to co-ordinate meeting times with Basilers, especially when you consider that players might be in Australia while you're in Europe or North America. Thanks to the new 'Basil Time' you can forget about having to deal with confusing Time Zones like EST, CST, GMT +8, GMT -5, MST, etc etc. The Basil Time is simple and the same for everyone, regardless of where you live. Here's how to do it. Check the Basil Time on the front page during your normal playing times, this will give you a sense of what times you're usually on. Then you can arrange to meet at a specific time and the other person can easily figure out what Basil Time you mean without having to worry about time zones because the Basil Time is the same for everyone.

MUST READ: Auction Rules/Guide
Showing your stats is very simple, but there is a specific format that must be used on Basilmarket so that everyone understands what is being bought/sold.

• You must always list the stat name first and then the stat number: ATK 17. Its incorrect to write 17 ATK, 17ATK or even just 17.

• If you have scrolled the item, DO NOT list the scrolls you used, and do not list the + stat (ie, Panlid +7). For example, if you scrolled your Panlid with seven 100% DEF scrolls, it is incorrect to write: DEF 17, 0 slots left, +7. The correct way is: DEF 17, 0 slots left. It is also incorrect if you just write: DEF 17. You must always list how many slots are left.

• The correct way to list how many slots are left is: 5 slots left. It is incorrect to write 5slots, slots left 5 or anything else.

• If the item is below or above average, you have to list the current stat: DEF 11. It is incorrect to write DEF 10+1 or DEF +1.

• Finally, the abbreviations for all stat names are easy to remember: ATK, ACC, Avoid, DEF, DEX, HP, INT, Jump, LUK, M.ATK, M.DEF, MP, Speed, STR, W.DEF. If you just put DEF, it's assumed to mean W.DEF not M.DEF, and if you put just ATK, it's assumed to be W.ATK, not M.ATK. Only use these abbreviations, not Accuracy, not Avoidability, etc. Also, everything but Speed, Avoid and Jump need to be capitalized: STR +1, not str +1

How do auctions work?
If you've used eBay, then you'll know how Basilmarket works. When you are looking at an auction item, make sure to note what server the item is on. This is clearly displayed in the header bar via a large server icon (Scania, Broa, etc). On the left side you'll see the item and its default stats and on the right you'll see info about the auction such as the asking price, current number of bids and any extra stats/info that the author has added. If you're interested in bidding, you'll see a bid box below where you can put in a price. Please note that any bad bids (ie, 999999999) will get you permanently banned as you're effectively ruining our site with your idiocy.

Auction authors have the choice to end an auction early or to delete auction bids. This is in place to give them the freedom to go with those bidders who have the best feedback or get rid of bids which appear to be bad such as in the example above. Once an auction has been won, both the bid winner and auction author will be private messaged. It is then up to both parties to work out a time/place to make the exchange in game. Once that's all done, you can both give feedback (via the 'My Auctions' tab). Giving feedback is an important part of Basilmarket. It will not only make you a more desireable auctioneer, over time it will also help to increase your auction limit (the default is 2 auctions at a time).

What price should I set?
If you're selling an item, set the asking price to be the lowest you'll accept. Bidders must bid higher than your asking price. Don't put an asking price below what you're willing to accept, because there's a chance you'll only have 1 bidder and you'll have to make the sale (or get negative feedback.

If you're buying an item, set the asking price to the highest price that you'll pay. Bidders are bidding on giving you the item for less than your asking price. This isn't like in game where you haggle and settle on a price. Hence, when making bids on these items, you must bid below the asking price.

Auction Info/Extra stat rules.
Submitting auctions in the proper format will get them shown more quickly, so here is what we're looking for. Do not put anything into the Info box if the item is average and/or clean, this will just be assumed. Also, do not list the stats if they are just average. Finally, use the following format when putting in stat info:

Correct (will be accepted):
• W.DEF +2, M.DEF +20
• ATK 50, Jump +5, Speed +5, ACC +1

Incorrect (will be rejected):
• +15 DEF +3 MATK +3 luck. Should be: DEF +15, M.ATK +3, LUK +3
• STR +2 / ATK 60. Should be: STR +2, ATK 60
• WEAPON ATTACK +10. Should be: ATK +10
• wepdef +3 or wdef +3 or wd +3. Should be: W.DEF +3
• damage 18. State whether ATK or STR
• average. Leave blank, 'average' is assumed
• Above average. List how it's above average
• 11/15. List stats: Speed +11, Avoid +15

Can I search by Server?
Yes, click on the 'account' option on the menu to select your server preference. From then on, all items (except the frontpage) will be listed for that server only.

Can I show my auctions on another site?
Yes, simply use the following link on other sites' forum sig or anywhere else:

^ Miscellaneous
BasilID - Adding characters
The first thing you'll want to do after signing up is to add your in game characters. Click the big 'BasilID' tab on the top of the page. Then find 'Add Player'. Enter in the name of the player, what server they're on and what times you usually play with that character. That'll not only show others your status, it'll give other auctioners a better idea of when they can meet up with you.

Search Engine plugin for FireFox
If you use FireFox 2, you can add a search engine plugin that will allow you to easily search for MapleStory auctions. To install the plugin (easily removable if you change your mind) Click here.