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BM v10 - Read here first!

chaos olivia in scania


i dont suppose theres a person in scania that wants to do chaos olivia just for the chair etc drops? or willing to go second for the android? i have finished pre quests and im working on my mule's pre quests, which is just about done. just need 1 more pe

Buying NX using online Australian Karma Koins


You guys are getting made! lol..

I'm a returner !


Take advantage of events Find a good friendly guild Do boss pre-quests and be consistent with your dailies, like golluxing to make your own re-inf set for starters

Zakum Revamp Inc?


im happy to see that they will make BaM telecasting more smooth.

mad house event


@oric212: You get batteries by hitting the tool boxes you find in certain rooms. Unfortunately, the drop rate isn't 100%, so there are instances where you will have no choice but to wait until you get kicked out or just go through a portal (dark room) an

It really sucks playing only at night


Khroa is where it's happenin'!

Clean Damage Skins?


Clean is subjective.

Fighting Gollux as kanna.


Yeah eventually I did that it just wasn't in the video for some reason.

SCANIA P/C perm nx


- red rose chat ring - cat hood pink - schwarzer beret - melodic aurora - firework something (cape_

Trading 30% LUK Superior Belt for % DEX on BERA


30% LUK main pot, perfect scrolled. Pls.

I guess violets aren't making a return


Not like those cubes were that great anyways. I have better luck with black ones.

Sengoku Ki farming impossible?


I did all 4 quests. The items arent that great. You'll need 120/60/200/100 btw; for medal/ring/emblem/scroll respectively. Not worth, imo.

Horrible lag when attacking after patch?


Try restarting your Maple client. This usually happens to me after I afk for a very long time.

Letterman Jacket & Spirit Day


just do it don't let ur dreams be dreams

Haku's Buffs Party-wide?


someone told me party buffs depend on the map you're in for them to work, but idk since it seems random to me. hs is glitched too and so is mihile's link. That buff though, when it works, is op and me likey. <3

maplestory website


yes post2short

Maplestory website ranking


@pokamanz: thank you so much

NGS Initialization Error : 0xe1600301(-513801471)


It kept showing me this error when trying to play? I re-downloaded maplestory and have done the patch on it and have about done everything i can think of. it kept saying I was hacking before hand (which I was not) but that's probably not related to the i

Android from Chaos Olivia


w00t android? oO pic please

Please help!


PM me, I can lend you my overlays/templates so that you can get started. I stream too. :)

drunk thoughts?


@uwotm9: Exactly. The homosexual stranglehold over truth and reality has got to be harnessed and checks against the expression of its monopoly put in place. Falling short of this is not an option, lest this insidious cancer grow and fill the massive inte

My friend Mary's AmA Thread: MUST SEE!



What does your HP look like?


41k hp as a marksman clean, with the silent crusade title and decent hyperbody I'm a little over 50k. I have 2 lines of 6% hp, cannoneer and beast tamer link skill but not the kaiser one.

If you were driving to an exam and hit a jaywalking hobo


wth yall are acting like professors are reasonable. u would run the binch over so u dont fail and ruin the rest of ur life. exams matter.

Kanna's Nine-Tailed Fury


EDIT: Ignore this, found it in the forum just seconds after posting.

What should my goal be?


Do you mean working towards as in what gears you should improve? Or working towards as in what your end goal should be?

Can Quick Draw mode be dispelled?


don't know if its a bug, but stance pre-vamp also got dispelled at zak and HT. haven't tried it now, but i wouldn't be surprised if it still does

My range is still ridiculous.


@ashleyattacked We Are So Tired And All Your Words Are Makeing Us Die , You Are The Reason Mapelstory is DIETING, Please Desist. Let Him Rant, Dont Ruin It With Your Word Barfs. ot: im sorry for u buddy. main a thief theyre all nexon cares about.

Battoujutsu Advance - How are you guys using it?


I hold down my hotkey for that skill and it does its magic

Current All Stars?


@animatals: "Last updated 10/2/14 @ 1:52pm PST" try:

Post your earliest SS on your AM


@lordpsych: [url=][/url]

Every time I visit a post


I prefer seeing the avatar at the top or the left side of a comment. I'm having no trouble seeing who wrote which comment (any more), but the identity of the user is the first thing I look at when reading a comment.

League of Legends October Tournament


@shusei: it will mainly be on weekends (friday saturday and sunday)

RIP Iron Skin?


I hope that person gets run over by a semi truck. Then he's gonna wish iron skin stacks were a thing again...

PC on 2handed sword in Bera


Yeah it's just that nobody has a reason to use Utgard, everyone goes for Fafnir at level 150.

range to hit?


using 220% for the damage of platter you need a range of 1.3m

windia pc on new gacha items


Hi, I'm from MYBCKN (or whatever) prices of some items here are: friend story photo chait - 300m fuzzy kitty chair - (20-50m) grey seal cushion - (100-200m) TV recliner - (10-30m) soul teddy chair - (10-30m) big money chair (10-40m) tent chair -

Potion Pot after revamp


@nitsua2789: So was Demon Slayers DF fixed as well? I am curious.

Regarding the Site 'Upgrade'


@avaaast: He's pretty neutral about it. CC's actually the first of more than half a dozen sites which were meant to compete with Basil or offer a haven to people who want to get away from Basil for a while. If anything he considers CC's looks a complim

R> BERA GUILD; TwerksGently


@flya: Lol I don't understand why you have to come here with all the negativity. So quick to judge and sure I don't blame you. The way I portrayed myself in this post was childish, but that's the point. The guild is meant for "14 year old virgns

Jump with Vanquisher's Charm?


Oh, that makes sense! Thank you :)

If you could change any 1 part of your character look...


@nhan1st: I've always breathed from my mouth anyway. I'd like to be blue.

Kanna - Inner Ability +1 Attack Speed


I've had no luck with 30% crit so i just kept 20% boss and rerolling 2nd skill for 20% crit

Anybody know how I feel like?


Pharmaceutical medication rarely does more good than harm, regardless of whether or not you feel it's benefitting you, I would suggest getting off it anyway if you aren't already. And if you can identify patterns of obsessive-compulsive thinking / beha

I have to navigate forum list


rip in pieces

Accidentally deleted a character


I accidentally deleted my main somehow...

4th job nine-tailed fury skill


It's glitched. Don't worry too much - they'll likely fix it in another emergency patch... and it's not like Kanna doesn't have other ultimates... heck, half their skills are ultimates.

Not enough SP to max everything?


I'm going to have to look at my skills again, but I'm pretty sure I maxed everything out... Eh, if not, they'll probably fix it in an emergency patch like with Kanna's Nine-Tailed Fury.

Haku's new look, what do you think?


I love it. The old one was really expressionless and boring.

*Missing* : "spiky bangs" hairstyle


i haven't seen it for years! .. Does anyone remember the last time it was available ?

My bed head continues to amaze me Was rocking that Ludwig von Koopa style this morning
yes a cats opurra singing purractice must be at 3 in the morning and yes it has to be right next t
Wow this site looks like a graveyardan ugly broken graveyard
I wanted to make a Tumblr for my art but I immediately realized I could never advertise it here bec
There has been about two days where there was no basil maintenance
Part One of my derailed rant against drunk driversThis started as a discussion of my feelings o
Part 2 of my derailed rant against drunk driversBy placing any specific person under an u
did the FC contest get lost during the transfer
i need a lifesize kakashi doll to hug for when im feeling down and lack love support
I miss the fashion corner being active
loraket You better be able to take it if you can dish it out Itll be when you least expect it
wtf i come back to basil and i see this
yo did basil just walk up slowly and delete my main
yay failed royal face run got 2 of the ones I didnt want twice each Then all the others but the
keep restraining myself from apologies because actions speak louder than words but i can feel my en
gonna go cry for the next 24 hours about how things never seem to get better
Im ready for this site to return to normal
So many password resets
Anyone know where I can get the extraction files and sprites needed to make a simulator It seems li
Has anyone found a simulator that updates

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