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BMv10 update + BasilVersary 10!

what is life??


someone help me pls

Giving away 300 CRA tomorrow!


time zones fml what GMT are we talking about?

BasilMarket Desktop Site Fix/Workaround


thanks mesniac

Any other forum like basilmarket's chat?


@avaaast @tampons Thanks, I'll look into it!

Corsair VS BM


Corsair because BM are weak or something. I don't know. Corsair is way less common.

SVP4 FREE is out

ANME Basil messes with the link so click Download on the left side

Minor fixes 10/9/2015


The menu still opens for me sometimes when I accidentally scroll a bit to the right quickly or try to zoom out on my phone so I have to refresh every time. is it just me lol i have an iphone 4s in case anyone's wondering.

Rest in pepperoni flying on cannoneer


You don't like flying??? Heck, I wanna fly like a bird

Lf Terminus Defender


Looking for someone who is selling a Terminus Defender in Windia. Please leave info here or add Bral3rAndrew. Thank you :)

Selling 2x Dark Onmyouji Effects Perm and 6x 90-Day versions


In Scania I have no clue where auctions went and if people still use it.

Nisekoi 189


Raku still won't choose Marika sadly

Cross-world guilds for Reboot Server


Sounds like a tall order considering chat still breaks daily and you have to talk a bunch to get it to appear again. It'd be cool to have as a feature but I think it'd be way too complicated (maybe even impossible?) to implement.

what is the truth?


@appall finally a serious answering. i will togo to the bottom of this well and then i will enter the shadow temple and find out , once and for all, how to KILL mapel story. yes sir, thank u sir.

B>Nine-Tailed Fox Mask (Windia)


B>Nine-Tailed Fox Mask. Hi if anybody is selling this mask add me in game: spkage I am also willing to gift an anvil so that you can keep the mask as well.

Which skills to max in 2nd 3rd job?


Nothing... because you can max everything in 2nd and 3rd job.

chaos olivia in scania


@gabay7: yes

Buying NX using online Australian Karma Koins


7.33300 usd for 7.3k australian nx 7.72380 usd for 7.8k canadian nx pcgamesupply is selling at 7.69 usd for 7.8k canadian nx

I'm a returner !


@telvanni: Could've been back for a week and then decided to make a thread.

Zakum Revamp Inc?


The new dynamic hunting updates seem really nice. Its also great to see that they are finally updating Zakum, hopefully we can downjump through the platforms now :D

mad house event


toolbox is spawned in nearly every room. after you use it, it may respawn if you wait a little (I recommend using it first). You are supposed to have enough batteries to move on to the next room. If you wait enough, a doctor will appear. if you aggro it,

It really sucks playing only at night


come to scania

Clean Damage Skins?


Clean is subjective.

Fighting Gollux as kanna.


Yeah eventually I did that it just wasn't in the video for some reason.

SCANIA P/C perm nx


- red rose chat ring - cat hood pink - schwarzer beret - melodic aurora - firework something (cape_

Trading 30% LUK Superior Belt for % DEX on BERA


30% LUK main pot, perfect scrolled. Pls.

Sengoku Ki farming impossible?


I did all 4 quests. The items arent that great. You'll need 120/60/200/100 btw; for medal/ring/emblem/scroll respectively. Not worth, imo.

Letterman Jacket & Spirit Day


No, who cares, eventually you'll learn that what happens in high school stays in high school.

Haku's Buffs Party-wide?


@appall: Haku blessing gives a %m.att buff, so that wouldn't do anything for non-mages. Breath of unseen gives 80% stance and 40% ignore def though

Maplestory website ranking


@pokamanz: thank you so much

NGS Initialization Error : 0xe1600301(-513801471)


It kept showing me this error when trying to play? I re-downloaded maplestory and have done the patch on it and have about done everything i can think of. it kept saying I was hacking before hand (which I was not) but that's probably not related to the i

Please help!


@draception: I keep getting an error message, can you add me on skype? It's easier to talk.

drunk thoughts?


@flya: you seem like a person who cannot have any fun without drinking alcohol. I suggest you listen to some comedic podcasts and try your best to more entertaining

What does your HP look like?


41k hp as a marksman clean, with the silent crusade title and decent hyperbody I'm a little over 50k. I have 2 lines of 6% hp, cannoneer and beast tamer link skill but not the kaiser one.

If you were driving to an exam and hit a jaywalking hobo


You grab the hobo, put him in the car and switch spots with him. Lay on the ground like you just got hit and he's passed out and then call the ambulance and say you've been hit by a hobo who tried to steal your car. Trust me, it happened last Tuesday

Kanna's Nine-Tailed Fury


EDIT: Ignore this, found it in the forum just seconds after posting.

Can Quick Draw mode be dispelled?


Just did Czak and dispel does indeed affect stance in addition to all the other buffs. Definitely shouldn't IMO, but it does at the moment. =| This is the case in JMS as well, as far as I know.

My range is still ridiculous.


@ashleyattacked: I think he was referring to the fact that the range indicator in the stat window still shows a huge gap in the low and high numbers, which is a visual inconsistency with the actual damage done.

Battoujutsu Advance - How are you guys using it?


I hold down my hotkey for that skill and it does its magic

Post your earliest SS on your AM


@eg7eg77 wow very nice!

Every time I visit a post


This really does impede readability. This is my single biggest complaint about the new layout.

League of Legends October Tournament


@shusei: it will mainly be on weekends (friday saturday and sunday)

RIP Iron Skin?


I hope that person gets run over by a semi truck. Then he's gonna wish iron skin stacks were a thing again...

PC on 2handed sword in Bera


Yeah it's just that nobody has a reason to use Utgard, everyone goes for Fafnir at level 150.

range to hit?


using 220% for the damage of platter you need a range of 1.3m

windia pc on new gacha items


thanks for those prices it helps when dealing with low balling merchers

Potion Pot after revamp


What's even the point of playing Kanna anymore if you can't do stuff like this?

Regarding the Site 'Upgrade'


@otamegane: I like it. It'll be useful by night. I dislike browsing bright sites late in the evening because it puts a lot of strain on my eyes. "Night Vision" is a nice feature which I haven't noticed on many sites (only TV Tropes comes to

R> BERA GUILD; TwerksGently


@flya: Lol I don't understand why you have to come here with all the negativity. So quick to judge and sure I don't blame you. The way I portrayed myself in this post was childish, but that's the point. The guild is meant for "14 year old virgns

Jump with Vanquisher's Charm?


Oh, that makes sense! Thank you :)

If you could change any 1 part of your character look...


@nhan1st: I've always breathed from my mouth anyway. I'd like to be blue.

Hi Mr Basil please bring old Basil back
I get so lucky with Royal Hair and Face coupons I get what I want on the first try Im bles
Learning how to make bras Never again will I have to suffer with trying to find a good bra for a re
Ok need a question of pc because i cant find how to make a thread scania horoscope claw rn co
chaos olivia in scania anyone need one to start doing runs with my mule i can either help you get
thanks pavchka
I keep coming back to basil 4 the stories but other than that this site is dead 2 me
omg i just threw out my good summeroid i had the ugly one equipped and i threw out the prettier one
Ladies and gents I perfectly understand why youre not happy with this update and the way its be
PS4 kinda growing on me lt3
My bed head continues to amaze me Was rocking that Ludwig von Koopa style this morning
yes a cats opurra singing purractice must be at 3 in the morning and yes it has to be right next t
Wow this site looks like a graveyardan ugly broken graveyard
I wanted to make a Tumblr for my art but I immediately realized I could never advertise it here bec
There has been about two days where there was no basil maintenance
Part One of my derailed rant against drunk driversThis started as a discussion of my feelings o
Part 2 of my derailed rant against drunk driversBy placing any specific person under an u
did the FC contest get lost during the transfer
i need a lifesize kakashi doll to hug for when im feeling down and lack love support
I miss the fashion corner being active

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