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Crowhogan33 Level 203 Windia Zero Transcendent
• First name and age: Jon, 15
• IGN: PizzaCrow
• Level and Class: 140 I/L arch mage
• How active you are (1-10): 10
• What you want to gain from joining Lotus: Friendly guild, and CWQPQ often
Feb 22 2012
FortMinor Level 213 Khaini Bishop
Feb 22 2012
First name and age: Clare, 18
IGN: Balryn
Level and Class: 136, NL
How active you are (1-10): only a 4 because I am unable to log on from monday~thursday due to university
What you want to gain from joining Lotus: Successful CWKPQ runs as well as an active guild/alliance
Feb 22 2012
DrHye Level 90 Windia Marauder
@Crowhogan33 and @Balryn : We'll be getting in touch with all the applicants sometime soon. Most likely, it'll be HeIveticas, BigBottoms or myself talking to you guys just to get a better idea of you guys :I

And a side note: If you guys have any friends that would also be interested in joining the guild, please show them this listing (or at least give them my IGN ), and we can get going from there :I
Feb 22 2012
zeptar99 Level 133 Windia Evan 9th Growth
First name and age:Sebastian 15
Level and Class:evan 125
How active you are (1-10):6, i play every weekend when i have school -.-
How active you are (1-10):a zakum party =)
Feb 22 2012
Crowhogan33 Level 203 Windia Zero Transcendent
Crow [/quote]

I'm sorry
Feb 23 2012
kagayakutsuki Level 196 Broa Dark Knight
We encourage newcomers to be on a little more often just because we wanna get used to seeing you, recognizing you, etc.
If you guys could raise that activeness level a little bit, me and David would be super duper happy campers
Feb 23 2012
Steam Level 127 Windia Dark Knight
I love Omok @_@

First name and age:Andrew, 16
Level and Class:132 Aran
How active you are (1-10):~7 normally, but break this week has me on quite often
What you want to gain from joining Lotus:A more active guild to interact with
Feb 23 2012
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