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Palette shield?
MapleStory Screen - Items - Submitted Jan 29 2009, 23:07 BT
Screen Info
133 Scania Night Lord
1 3
I was browsing the FM and I saw this. Never seen one before in GMS.
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Aug 21 10
DemethosGMS Battle Mage 3
yeah if you see on banned story or w/e they have a pallet and like other special items like frying pans,razors etc and all that no one knows how to get them... well i got my frying pan from gach maybe the same for palette?
Aug 21 10
Broa Corsair
Those are from the 2nd arrival of "Box event" Called: Miwok Artifact Box event, you also get super snowboards and tons of rare items such as elewands.
Btw: Jimmyrocks is a beast collector no kidding.
Aug 21 10
Windia Blade Master
These are way old. Even before the box events.
Aug 21 10
Bera Corsair
RFighter: These are way old. Even before the box events.


They were pretty easy to find for a while but they were never cheap .
Aug 21 10
Scania Assassin
date submitted screen.

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