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Golden pig belt?

MapleStory Screen - Added August 1 2009 by FlameOfFornax

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51 Fornax F/P Wizard
After killing the gold pigs, they drop some openable eggs. Inside I find this useless crap....
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Nov 27 10
Bera Demon Slayer 4
*Sigh I got the same thing. :

Nov 27 10
Bellocan Hero
I have about eight ~_~
Nov 27 10
Bellocan Bow Master
demolishingdiva: *Sigh I got the same thing. :


I dropped mine.
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Nov 27 10
Windia Bow Master
Memorandums: I know this is EMS but what is that ''A'' buff you have?
It was an event in GMS aswell called " Summer Agent A " or something in that area.. It was this quests
that you had to find Agent M or something...buncha agent stuff..if you were in a dungeon for so long you got its buff. etc.
Nov 27 10
Bera Corsair
Memorandums: I know this is EMS but what is that ''A'' buff you have?

It's MSEA btw
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Sep 03 11
Bera Wild Hunter 3
I've heard that the belt increases the number of spawned pigs inside the event. I'm going to try it out.
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