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MapleStory Screen - Comic - Added January 18 2010 by blazi4ever
Screen Info
202 Scania Marksman
78 5 15
Remember those CS boxes that lets you have a chance of getting Pink Bean? Yeaaaah, I don't actually have a PB. I gave up getting one after trying like, 90 boxes and ended up with a bunch of junk lol. xD

I was trying to aim for a 'manga' page but I guess I kinda failed at that ahah. 6 hours put together with a laggy Photoshop, hope you enjoy! xO
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Oct 14 10
Khaini Night Lord
well guess what there back again this year for 1 week so let the chaos resume all over again and yes i know i bumped a old screen but i think it is fitting considering you now have 1 week to try again for pink bean.

everyone post how much nx you will be blowing on this event as for me 10k to start off and i hope all the crap stuff did not return too or ill have to shorten my tries happy box hunting all.
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Oct 14 10
Broa Mechanic 2
That's cool ^o^
Oct 14 10
Khaini Night Lord
ok bought me 11 boxes and i got:
1 bear shop
2 ludi vip hair style coupons
1 luid Vip hair color coupon
2 gold meso sacks
1 brown sack
2 wireless remote gach tics
6 wheels of destiny
1 messenager maple tv
New MapleStory Screen: Failed potineal black belt
Oct 14 10
Broa Aran 4
Ahhhhh I remember this. So long ago ^^
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Oct 15 10
Khaini Night Lord
indeed a classic has anyone manged to even score the pink bean yet or are we getting nexon'd again?
New MapleStory Screen: Failed potineal black belt
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