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Miraculous Chaos Scroll 60%

MapleStory Screen - Added August 12 2010 by gravedigge15

Screen Info

51 Scania Fighter
New standard for perfect- 43att BWG won't be as near to impossible to make when these come out.
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Aug 12 10
Broa Night Lord
so what does it do?
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Aug 12 10
Broa I/L Arch Mage
Wow that's insane lol.
Aug 12 10
Chaos Aran 4
Wait what's the difference? Like it adds +10/-10 or something?
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Aug 12 10
Khaini Hero
doesnt destory
Aug 12 10
Bellocan Page
*Hopes that this is huntable*
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Aug 12 10
Bera Bishop
It's -+ 10 stats instead of -+5.
It's achievable through Peanut Machine.
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Aug 12 10
Windia Phantom 4
chaos scrolls dont destroy items
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Aug 12 10
Scania Mercedes 4
+10 now eh?
55 att ACG or wut?
MapleStory Screen: Berserker's Eternal Ring - ATK 20
Aug 12 10
Yellonde Aran 4
Daedalus: *Hopes that this is huntable*
of course not, that wouldn't be any profit for Nexon.
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Aug 12 10
Scania Buccaneer
lxSINmanxl: doesnt destory

How did you get to 137 with that knowledge? I'll let you figure it out for yourself on how ridiculous your post is.
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