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MapleStory Screen - Added August 26 2010 by SilentWave

Screen Info

100 Bellocan Dragon Knight
My inspiration, was eckhart and i took abit from the rising rocker hair XD

hope you like took about 6 hours in total T.T
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Aug 27 10
What a nice drawing o-o
MapleStory Screen: Zakum's Tree Branch - M.ATK 71
Aug 27 10
Bera Hero
is that a spike sticking out of his chin..

very nice btw.
Aug 27 10
Scania Mercedes 4
omg did you use a tablet? if you dont have one, you frickin deserve one!
Aug 27 10
Galicia I/L Arch Mage
I think the piercing where the spikes is located is called a labret.
MapleStory Screen: VIP Bow - ATK 160
Aug 27 10
Broa Hero
That's G. I'ma go buy pair of purple gauges now,
Aug 27 10
Scania Chief Bandit
Amazing drawing. I demand an Eckhart (is that his name? I feel like it's something else) CS package.
Aug 27 10
Scania Mercedes 4
very excellent!
love it
MapleStory Screen: Berserker's Eternal Ring - ATK 20
Aug 27 10
Scania Shadower
i think it would have looked even nicer if you drew the mask or something
but i like the misc stuff around his body, lolpotionsanddaggers?
MapleStory Screen: Be my bf.
Aug 27 10
Bera Hermit
Reminded me of Lee Minho, SEXAY
MapleStory Screen: Big sun :d
Aug 27 10
KradiaGMS Blade Specialist
That's a really nice drawing :o
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