Krexel drops Screen

By spyderr

Nov 03 2010 Nothing good dropped.

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NumbFeet Level 184 Scania Shadower
-waits for BS30- >.< >.<
Nov 04 2010
How long did it take you?
Nov 04 2010
donlolme Level 80 Bellocan Mihile 3
What is that key thingy? :o[/quote]

I'm guessing its used for future quests in Ulu City.
Nov 04 2010
Isnt that card the final one is bosses?
Nov 05 2010
AugPirate Level 174 Khaini Mercedes 4
what lvl do u have to be to fight that thing..and can any one tell me how to post questions..
Nov 07 2010

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