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Max damage <3

MapleStory Screen - Added November 29 2010 by yogurtkim

Screen Info

187 Windia Mechanic 4
I know it probably isn't much of an accomplishment to many, especially with buffs, but I don't care - it is to me! Seeing those big pretty numbers made me happy
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Nov 30 10
KradiaEMS Evan 5th Growth
Congratulationz just wait for BB ;'(
Nov 30 10
Scania Night Walker 2
Hurray for you~
Nov 30 10
Bera Shadower
Nice =)
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Nov 30 10
Bellocan Hermit
Nice @ 152 you must be lukless
MapleStory Screen: Golden ilbi
Dec 01 10
Windia Wild Hunter 4
iLoveCBs: Nice @ 152 you must be lukless

MapleStory Screen: Silent crusade grand champion
Dec 01 10
Bera Night Lord
Gra... (looks at Thorns).. Grats =)
Dec 01 10
Windia Night Lord
HUUUGE congrats.
MapleStory Screen: Cecelia's Earrings - M.ATK 4
Dec 01 10
Windia Zero Transcendent
lol 3 snails anyway grats
Dec 01 10
Scania Buccaneer
is that a 90k behind a 199 999?
MapleStory Screen: Rose earring - M.ATK 35, INT 21, INT 21%
Dec 01 10
Broa Shadower
The poor skeles. What did they ever do to deserve all that over kill?
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