Weird potential - auto-steal Screen

By xXxShadowxXx

Jan 05 2011 Saw this in a smega and I have no idea what the first line means lol.

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thesolemnone Level 200 Broa Jett 4
I think it's like the thief skill "steal". So it'd be 2% chance to steal items from monsters.
Jan 05 2011
^ Is correct. had the same potential on my gloves, worked out pretty well to be honest. when i was doing my zak quests it only took me like 20 minutes because my gloves stole a good 12 teeth
Jan 05 2011
Steven522 Level 204 Bera Bishop
i'd tell that guy to cube and re magnify
Jan 06 2011
redclaw202 Level 148 Scania Battle Mage 4
2% Chance to use lvl 2 steal...?
Jan 06 2011
AckarRed Level 200 Windia Aran 4
How does Steal even works by the way?
Jan 06 2011
How does Steal even works by the way?[/quote]
you use steal
monster drops what it should have if it were killed
after that im pretty sure you can kill it and get a different set of drops
Jan 06 2011

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