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The origins of maplestory Screen

By DwerG

DwerG Level 158 Broa Phantom 4
Apr 05 2011 Been waiting for information on the Mage revamp in KMS lately, and it got me thinking... How DID Grendel feel when MapleStory started and they all got their powers? A lil short changed?

Anyway, I'm glad they're getting a revamp, poor Mages. I just want to give them a hug

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AsnTriad Level 77 Broa Battle Mage 3
i loled at Grendell the Really Fail: Mashing the Pot Key since 2005

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Apr 05 2011
Plusle4eva Level 206 Scania Dark Knight
I like it. It's really original. The concept's funny, too.

"CC NUB DIS MY MAP NOW" < Highlight 8].
Apr 05 2011
rycudaEX Level 197 Scania Shadower
lol stereotypes =P
Apr 05 2011
Buhahahahahaha nice job man. Creative and funny =D.
Apr 05 2011
xminhstah Level 197 Scania Bow Master
Dude I couldn't stop LOL'ing after I read this, this is for sure one of the most funniest comics that I've read.
Apr 05 2011

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