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I'm a lucky guy medal. | Tags: Guy, Lucky

MapleStory Screen - Added July 17 2011 by Rapptz

Screen Info

200 Windia Mercedes 4
There's a star on it because my computer is set to Korean Code Page. For other people it shows up as a question mark.
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Jul 18 11
Scania Bow Master
nice sold mine for 15 bil I miss it now XC
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Jul 18 11
Broa Marksman
blueblade555: nice sold mine for 15 bil I miss it now XC

You probably could have gotten double that.
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Jul 18 11
Bera Blade Lord
blueblade555: nice sold mine for 15 bil I miss it now XC

I think it's worh 40-60bil o_O
Jul 19 11
Bera Aran 4
cant u only trade up to 2bil at once?
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Aug 25 11
Bera Shadower
Nice one^^ L>Videos from you.
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Sep 12 11
Windia Mercedes 4
-_- u and ur 1.3 trillion mesos u have nothing to do with...
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Oct 13 11
Windia Aran 2
people use white scrolls as mesos so yes you can trade more than 2bil
Nov 04 11
Windia Dark Knight
That star means it's been enhanced once.
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