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Monster book set bonus | Tags: Monster book, tespia

MapleStory Screen - Added August 4 2011 by zamongdan

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148 Broa Night Lord
In Tespia, the monster book system is back, and better than before. I believe that JMS has the same monster book already. When you get it, it starts out as giving 1 to str, dex, int, and luk. I went hunting some snails for cards (which are very common) and I got a set bonus, which is the HP +5, and leveled up my book so it is 2/2/2/2. Also, you only have to get one of each card now, not 5, to see all stuff like drops.
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Aug 04 11
Scania Evan 10th Growth
you can pot it? o.0
1 line?
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Aug 04 11
ElNido Battle Mage 4
hey, is the title back also?
Monster Expert
MapleStory Screen: Henehoes are good for sitting on.
Aug 04 11
Bera White Knight
L4>all my lost collected cards
MapleStory Screen: Got my 1st 150:d been playin since 05^^
Aug 04 11
Khaini Corsair
I had 30 mastered cards D: -do want back-
Aug 04 11
Bera Dark Knight
Punanist: you can pot it? o.0
1 line?

Read the description.
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Aug 04 11
Windia Night Lord
want it back also
ill finally have something to do in maple...
Aug 04 11
Scania Night Walker 1
Paper back?
Aug 04 11
Scania Hero
I spent hours on hunting the old cards T-T by the time I got 5 I wouldn't need the extra exp from hunting....and Nexon took it away.
But I can do something now at least
Aug 04 11
Scania Kanna 4
T^T yeah...I remember spending days trying to complete one onster info card thing ]:
Oh well...hope they won't take this out later ...
Aug 04 11*
Scania Bandit
I remember the time when I had 178 card and 23 boss cards. Too bad you won't get it back, but I heard it'll be SOOOOOO much easier to get them.

I heard the monster card drop rate is almost 100%, I'm not sure.

EDIT: It feels so easier now, I just feel like getting all 5 cards from each monster. No joke. W/e. Time to get my 201 cards back!
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