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I got 'i'm a lucky guy?' medal | Tags: Lucky Medal

MapleStory Screen - Added August 4 2011 by nicholaskim02

Screen Info

144 Bera Evan 9th Growth
I got 'I'm A Lucky Guy?' medal from hot time.
I have been chose by other events many times, too.
Feels like I'm real lucky guy
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Aug 05 11
Windia Bow Master
I wish I have been chose too
Aug 05 11
Windia Hero
I wish I can feels like I'm real lucky guy
Aug 05 11
Bera Angelic Buster 1
Your so lucky.
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Aug 05 11*
Bellocan Demon Slayer 4
Ya, so did @ Dathrohen
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Aug 30 11
Bera Dark Knight
omg ur so lucky
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