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Eckhart solo kill | Tags: Eckhart, Empress., Solo

MapleStory Screen - Added August 18 2011 by SlovakHocky

Screen Info

209 Broa Bishop
Here's a screenshot of me finishing off the empress's first minion, Chief Knight Eckhart. She summons a random one at a time, but summoned Eckhart first this time. It was a hard fought battle, and there were many close calls where I was certain I was going to die, but I stuck it out and killed him.

The Empress (over on the other side) then summoned Oz, who would probably kick my butt. I was trying to clear out the spawn first before I took her on, but while i was killing spawn i got the stupid popup saying I'm disconnected for the HACK reason. Unfortunately, no card dropped. I'm guessing the chief knights have the same drop rates as the official knights and advanced knights.
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Aug 19 11
Scania Shade 4
wow youre epic for surviving that
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Aug 19 11
Khaini Phantom 2
Seems like paladins are the ideal class for that
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Aug 19 11*
Bera Shadower
They may or may not be about to use Avenger.
Just a heads-up.
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Aug 19 11
Bera Priest
Lovin' the clone at the right just chilling.
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Aug 19 11
Bera Battle Mage 4
If I were you, I'd keep an eye on that clone on the right, he looks like he's planning something big. You just know he's going to flip the ---- out, you can just tell.
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Aug 19 11
Broa Shadower
I like how the ones using vampire are healing 1's
Aug 19 11
Did you get the card?
snowboy8: I think the cap is 9999 after chaos, sadly
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Scania Hayato 4
Studio Guild
Never try to solo as a 177 DB
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Aug 19 11*
Scania Jett 4
Boss, pretty cool SS man.

and there's a 1.6B hp version of the chief knights she suppossedly summons later on, i think those are the ones that drop card and stuff
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Aug 19 11
Scania Priest
Why to clear the spawn before fighting Oz?
As I can see, they only hit you 1s, so just stay on them, kill Oz, and you'll get hit by the 1s instead of Oz's attacks.
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