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Drop rates, ugh! | Tags: abr, angelic blessin, drop rates, drops, recipes

MapleStory Screen - Added August 18 2011 by Xenvas

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118 Windia Crusader
Pretty much the biggest buzz-kill in Maplestory, at least to me.

This is also my submission for the contest, though I doubt it'll go anywhere. I just hope someone will get to see it.
Of course it also stresses the issue of the Police GM auto-kick feature. I haven't seen it around for a while, but this is based on my own story, so it's happened at a time when it was still around - a different character than this one, though.

Did I mention I really hate the drop rates for Lunar Dews/Soul Lights? To me it's harder than Arwen's Glass Shoe or Nependeath's Honey used to be back in the old days - especially since you need multiple of these! 20 Lunar Dews and up to a total of 50 Soul Lights!
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Aug 19 11
Broa Night Lord
what recipe is that? o-o
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Aug 20 11
118 Windia Crusader
Angelic Blessing. It actually took me 13 days to get the first one, and I got disconnected before I could loot it, and due to the client lagging/crashing, I couldn't have relogged on time. The second one I got two days later, but at a different location. Now I kind of regret wasting all that time and potions, since it hardly seems worth it. The only reason I addressed the problem again and sent it to Nexon was because of the dreadful quests where you need to collect 999 of an item or 10-20 items with a super low drop chance. I'm not talking about Peridots, the quests I'm talking about make Peridots look like regular etc drops.
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