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Xenon | Tags: Maplestory

MapleStory Screen - Added September 24 2011 by Denial

Screen Info

121 Bera Shadower
Just thought I'd take a break from anime/designing and catch up on my graffiti/cartoon skills. One of my custom Bannedstory characters Didn't know what to name him so I just gave him the name "Xenon". This took me about 7 hours. Main image is drawn on my iPod touch using "Artstudio" canvas size 512x512. I really do hope I get a tablet someday so I can draw more complex images on the PC- its really hard to draw on the iPod- its too small and I get only 5 layers to work with to the max. Anywho, I hope that all of you Basilers like~

Used to edit:, Paint Tool Sai,
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Sep 24 11
Scania Hayato 3
This is so hot.. 0_0
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He makes wearing braces hxc.
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does not like
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Looks awesome, nice job!
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holy crap will you marry me so we can have little art babies running around with your superior skills

idc if you're a girl PLZ HAVE MY BABIEZ
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wow wonder if I would run into this guy on MS.
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Beautiful i wish i had those jeans
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amazing drawing
Sep 24 11
KradiaEMS Bandit
Everything about that is just so epic
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